Sims 4 Baby Gender

How zu Choose A Baby's Gender in Sims 4 while babies are notfall particularly customizable in Sims 4, players kann have influence over ns gender of their neu arrival. Here"s how.

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Babies in The Sims 4
A an excellent part von the Sims 4 community would think about themselves household Players since their goal in the game is to simulate household life und raising several kids into successful adulthood. Von course, a huge part of family beat hinges roughly pregnancy and having a baby an the game. If Sims 4 allowed a wenig more flexibility with pregnancy in Create-A-Sim wie they included gender identity and pregnancy controls, once Sims oase WooHooed using Try for a Baby, it"s greatly out von the players" hands. Babies in Sims 4 are also far much less customizable than they oase ever been. They all tend zu look die same, and new parental cannot bring them around or really move them from your cradle till they with Toddler age. There space no ultrasounds, dafür it"s impossible zum players to know ns gender von the baby bei advance, which makes decorating a nursery difficult.

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There are two ways weil das players to have more control over your baby"s gender. One, a straightforward cheat, zu sein the just way zu guarantee ns baby will be ns player"s desired gender. Players that don"t want zu cheat may use ns second method, whereby they have pregnant Sims perform certain actions zu influence, but not guarantee, die baby"s gender. Here"s how to choose ns gender von a baby in Sims 4, also after die delivery.

Cheat kommen sie Choose a Baby"s Gender bei Sims 4

A Baby an a cradle post-birth bei The Sims 4
The easiest and most effective way kommen sie select a baby"s gender bei Sims 4 ist to cheat. Players who choose to usage cheat codes wollen need zu wait und change die baby"s sex after the delivery.

Players that want kommen sie use this an approach will zuerst need zu turn cheat on. For PC users, press Ctrl + change + samen to open the console. For PlayStation 4 or Xbox One users, niederdrücken all 4 shoulder buttons.

To activate cheats, kind testingcheats true. Then, wie man cheats space active, type cas.fulleditmode. This unlocks the ability zu edit everything about a simkarte as despite it is the player"s zuerst time producing a new character.

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Hold under Shift and click on die baby simkarte (use X and Circle on console) to offen up Create-A-Sim mode. Native this menu, players tun können change ns baby"s name and gender.

Eat Right and Listen kommen sie Music kommen sie Choose a Baby"s Gender bei Sims 4

A sim karte picks Strawberries off a bush in The Sims 4
If, despite hoping kommen sie select a child"s gender, a player wants to maintain a more realistic und cheat-free play style, they kann sein improve your Sim"s chances of having a boy or a girl von eating specific foods and listening to specific music genres.

For football player who desire their Sim"s baby to be female, they should oase their sim eat strawberries found and picked native around ns different Sims neighborhoods und listen zu Pop music on die radio.

For football player who want their Sim"s baby to be male, lock should oase their sim karte eat carrots und listen to Alternative music.

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These behaviors tun können only increase the chances that a baby wollen be born female or male. Performing the actions does notfall guarantee the baby wollen actually be either gender, as die only details way kommen sie do this zu sein through cheating.