Singapore airlines first class

The above Singapore airlines Suite class has freshly undergone a luxurious transformation.

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von Sophie Killip | July 15 2021


While over there are number of contenders zum the ideal first-class airlines, wie it comes zu flight experience and luxury onboard a advertising aircraft, Singapore airline Suite klasse is arguably the best in the world. Originally introduced von the airline bei 2008, the arrival des the Singapore airlines Suite class coincided v the erste commercial Airbus A380.

However, the Suite class has recently received considerable re-imagining, making it the pinnacle of first-class trip experience. Unveiled punkt the end of 2017, the new Singapore airlines Suite class entered leistungen onboard five des the new Singapore airlines A380s in the same year. Retrofit work zu update die existing 14 aircraft v the new cabin structure began shortly after, proceeding until the end of tonnage year.

What’s New?

Compared to the previous version von Suite Class, i beg your pardon featured 12 privatgelände suites, the neu Singapore airline Suite class has come to be even an ext exclusive – with only sechs suites easily accessible on board an a 1-1 pattern, with ns aisle bei the middle von the plane. The spacious suites (measuring roughly 50 sq ft) have been designed von Pierrejean design Studio; they are tucked within ns front cabin of the A380’s upper deck, more enhancing the feeling of privacy.

Each von the suites has been finished with the highest attention kommen sie detail, including in artistic sliding door that assures privacy and seclusion whenever you request it. The main feature von the suite is a plush animal leather armchair, which has been upholstered in fine leather by world-renown Italian furniture specialist, Poltrona Frau.


Fully adjustable und reclinable, the armchair can accommodate a range von movements that room configured using ns electronic control side panel. Die chair has a swivel capacity von 135-270 degrees und a recline von up kommen sie 45 degrees, offering flexibility and the freedom to change positions depending on your needs.

The Singapore airline suites are also furnished with a separate full-flat bed the stows away, which is created by staff together part of the full turn-down service. Merely request that die bed ist made, take her time preparing zum sleep – including changing into ns pajamas provided, made for Singapore Airlines über Lalique – und return kommen sie your suite where a crisp, well-made bed zu sein waiting weil das you.

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For couples traveling together, the partition that separates the first two suites des each aisle (1A – 2A and 1F – 2F) kann sein be lowered; the only time it need to be up ist during take-off and landing. Punkt all other times, ns partition kann sein be lowered to further enlarge ns suites and allow couples kommen sie see und speak kommen sie each other. Von lowering the partition, ns two einzel beds can so be transformed into a twin bed.

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Everything has been designed to fit perfectly within the space, creating a sense des intimacy and making fliers feeling welcome. Zum example, die 32-inch full HD überwacht can swivel zu accommodate different viewing angles, depending on if you are seated or an bed. The überwacht can be paired through noise-canceling Bang & Olufsen headphones to create die highest top quality viewing environment, complete with in enhanced KrisWorld entertainment system featuring ns latest blockbusters, TV series und music collections.

Traveling bei Singapore airline Suite klasse means traveling in wall-to-wall comfort; even if it is it’s die hand-tufted carpets or die feature wall surface with mood lighting, everything has to be crafted von a world-class mannschaft to create ns most comfortable and hassle-free flight environment. Ns luxurious suite is deswegen large there are deshalb several storage spaces, consisting of a full-sized angestellter wardrobe, a leather-lined amenity box and a customized handbag stowage compartment.

Also within ns Suite class cabin space two lavatories zum Suite guests’ exclude, use. Both room stylishly furnished and larger than ns average commercial airline lavatory, with sufficient room zu comfortably change an outfit. One von them attributes its own sit-down vanity counter with a range des products, making the ideal for touching nach oben your hair or makeup prior to landing.

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Singapore Airlines is highly concerned worldwide weil das the impeccable dienstleistungen on all its flights, however nowhere is this an ext on display screen than bei the Suite Class. Guests are warmly welcomed on board von staff und offered the ideal champagne– including dom Perignon und Krug – as conventional refreshment. Long haul flights usually incorporate snacks and two taste meals with several courses; these are offered within her suite on a mitarbeiter dining table that appears from a surprise side panel.

Served ~ above bone china tableware native Wedgewood atop fresh white linen, ns meals bei Suite klasse feel akin to fine dining bei the world’s top restaurants. The exceptional inflight menu features dishes indigenous around die world – making die most des Singapore Airlines’ international reputation – and meals that kann be tailored to your diet requirements. For those that wish zu pre-order your meal, there is so a ‘Book the Cook’ leistungen on offer in Suite Class, which allows you to choose a main prozess inspired über the airline’s international Culinary Panel.

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Singapore airline Suite class is found on ns airlines’ fleet von 19 Airbus A380s, i beg your pardon travel kommen sie a range des destinations. Some von the most common flights include Singapore kommen sie Sydney, london Heathrow, Los angeles (with a stopover in Tokyo) und New york (with a stopover in Frankfurt). Tickets for Suite Class kann cost betwee $7,000 und $12,000 every way. Please note, Singapore Airlines is currently operating a lessened flight network due zu Covid-19.

Whatever your destination, wie man flying v Singapore Airlines freundin can also volunteer zu offset the carbon emissions created über your journey. Belastung month, die Singapore Airlines group (SIA) launched a carbon counter program that permits customers – across both its passenger and cargo airlines – to offset their carbon emissions through dedicated microsites. Die offset contributions go zu a variety of umwelt projects, including protecting Indonesian forests und supporting renewable solar power projects in India.