Would sie even klasse the specialized Levo as an E-MTB? If you’re not someone submerged in the scene and fully dialled into ns bike industry, then sie might notfall identify this immediately, as ns motor und battery are deshalb stylishly incorporated into die downtube and there’s no bar-mounted display. But here’s ours question: go it just look favor a pioneering e-bike, or can it ride favor one too?

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This review ist part des our E-Mountain Bike group Test 2016.

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Specialized Turbo Levo FSR fließend 6Fattie

On ns ‘catwalk’ of this ring of gruppe tests, the Levo was standing out through its “less is more” attitude. For their very zuerst E-MTB, dedicated did away through a screen on the bars, wholly integrated ns battery and motor into ns downtube, and placed LEDs on the side von the frame to display the current level of pedal-assist and the state of the battery in a minimal manner. Using an app that is due the end shortly, they’re expecting countless alternative settings and functions kommen sie be available, such as path planning based on the battery life, and in individualized motor control. Und while ns same anwendung will normally be on hand to supply the rider with all die important information too, it regrettably wasn’t available in time zum our gruppe test. Ns Levo’s behaviour on ns trails ist largely defined von its geometry, which zu sein incredibly similar kommen sie a continuous non-motorised bike. Beside from die undeniable extra weight, the bike rides in exactly die same manner as one there is no a battery – a explain that most likely doubles as the biggest compliment than any E-MTB might receive!

Agile and swift, the Levo zu sein a great bike zu maneuver, taking twists und turns in a manner the other models would struggle to match.

Agile and swift, the Levo zu sein a deft bike kommen sie maneuver, acquisition twists and turns an a manner the other modell would struggle kommen sie match. ~ above descents the Levo sets neu standards, blowing far our prüfen riders through (or perhaps since of) that is plus-size tyres. However, there was one drawback that revealed itself in our prüfen – namely, the motiv on this pre-production bike, which maintained switching off weil das no evident reason und was an extremely hesitant in dishing up die pedal-assist as sie started to ride. However, dedicated promises the these issues möchte be solved von the time die production bike is available. Specialized, however, no cut any corners wie it come to the Levo’s spec, and the responsive and sensitive suspension performs brilliantly. The Auto-sag valve on die rear shock makes light work of setting up ns bike kommen sie suit the rider’s weight. Topping it all off, die rest of the spec perform reads prefer a must-have zum any performance-orientated follow rider.

On descents ns Levo sets neu standards.


Removable: incorporated nicely into ns downtube, ns battery kann sein be conveniently removed über loosening the large hexagonal socket screw, und you kann sein charge it one of two people on or off the bike.

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Info centre: ns LEDs and buttons on ns side von the downtube reveal the state des the battery life und adjust the level of pedal-assist. More information on ns ride will be visible on in app (which möchte be released shortly) for your smart phone. Specialized deliberately designed the bike without a screen on the bars.
Keep it simple: the Auto-sag valve on die rear shock simplifies set-up: nur set ns rear shock to 200 psi, climb on, and release die excess waiting using the red valve. Yep, that simple.
In liebe with ns details: Tiny details like ns integrated chain guide and the SWAT system (which fits a multitool straight onto die frame) room testament zu Specialized’s love zum details und pretty much infinite know-how.

Specification: committed Turbo Levo FSR experte 6Fattie 2016

Fork: RockShox Pike RC SoloAirRear Shock: fuchs Float manufacturing facility DPS AUTOSAGMotor: Brose tuned zum Specialized 250WBattery: committed 504 Wh Brakes: SRAM guide RSDrivetrain: SRAM X1/X01Seatpost: Command post IRccStem: devoted XCHandlebars: Lenker 7050 Alu 750 mm Tires: devoted 6Fattie Purgatory / 6Fattie ground ControlWheelset: Roval Traverse 38 650bWeight/Size: 22,4 kg / Size m Prize: € 6,499


The devoted Levo embodies die next step in the development des performance-orientated E-MTBs. It’s a seriously an excellent ride in terms of how that handles, und the number von innovative einzelheiten that room crammed onto this bike ist impressive. Unfortunately, there were auch many problems that developed while us tested this pre-production model, particularly relating to ns motor und the lack des their very own app, i m sorry was blieb unavailable at ns time of testing. Deswegen while we’re hesitant zu draw a final conclusion, we can declare that ns future aussehen bright!

Strengths:Unbeatable handlingInnovative designPioneering featuresWeaknesses:Motor notfall quite ready weil das production

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Words & Photos: christoph Bayer

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