How to text in vietnamese

How lớn get Vietnamese keyboard on android phones

In order lớn type Vietnamese, you need to lớn get a Vietnamese keyboard on your phone. Since there are many types of android phones from from different companies, I can’t guarantee that it’s the same for every apk phone và I can’t cover all of them in this post. However, the options should be similar.

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The following instructions are for Samsung phones:

Go khổng lồ Settings.Then go lớn General management.Go khổng lồ Language và input.Under Keyboards section, select On-screen keyboard.Select Samsung Keyboard.Select Languages and types.

Now that you have added the Vietnamese keyboard khổng lồ your phone, in order lớn type Vietnamese, you need to lớn switch the keyboard if you have multiple keyboards activated.

To switch the keyboard, press and hold the space bar on the keyboard & slide it to lớn the language that you want lớn select and let go. In this case, it’s giờ Việt.


How lớn get Vietnamese keyboard on iPhones

In order to type in Vietnamese on iPhones, you need to activate Vietnamese keyboard. Here is how to activate it.

How khổng lồ activate Vietnamese keyboard on iPhones

Go khổng lồ Settings.Select Keyboard.Select Keyboards.If you do not see Vietnamese listed, type “Vietnamese” in the search box & select “Vietnamese.”Once you have selected Vietnamese, you will see the following options. Select the typing style that you want lớn use & press Done.

What are these typing options? Which one should you choose?

The options

There are five options but there are actually just three typing methods called Telex, VNI & VIQR. Telex & VNI are popular typing methods và were previously discussed in Vietnamese Alphabet post. VIQR is a less popular typing method.

VIQR uses 7-bit ASCII encoding. When the world switched khổng lồ Unicode encoding, VIQR became outdated. VIQR can be difficult lớn read without transcoder.

You can find the cheat sheet for VIQR in the next section below.

Now for Telex, you will see that there are 3 options for Telex typing method. They are QWERTY, AZERTY và QWERTZ. The typing method is the same for these three options. The only difference is the location of certain keys.

QWERTY, AZERTY and QWERTZ are three different types of keyboards. To lớn know which one you have, simply look at the letters next to lớn Tab key.


Which option should you choose?

The answer depends on what keyboard you have & what typing method you find easier lớn use.

Telex is the most popular typing method for texting because it is the fastest typing method to lớn use on the keyboard on your thiết bị di động phone. The reason is that the keys to add marks are all around the main letter keys so you don’t have to lớn move your fingers far from the main keys. However, when you need to lớn type Vietnamese and another language, such as English, Telex may địa chỉ unwanted marks on the letters.

In that case, if you are going khổng lồ type multiple languages together, it may be easier to use VNI. However, even though I grew up learning và using only VNI khổng lồ type on computer keyboard, I find Telex easier khổng lồ type on the điện thoại phone. When you want to switch to lớn a different language, just simply switch it khổng lồ another language keyboard, which can be done quickly on the phone. Either that or you can also just press the same key twice lớn go back khổng lồ the original letter you want lớn use.

For example, when you have Telex activated, when you type “of” it will become “ò.” In this case, you just need lớn type “f” again for it to lớn become “of.” In other word, khổng lồ type “of” when Telex is activated, just type “off.”

How to text in Vietnamese

Now that you know how lớn activate Vietnamese keyboard on your phone, here is how khổng lồ text in Vietnamese.

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As previously mentioned in my post Vietnamese alphabet, the two popular Vietnamese typing methods are VNI and Telex. The Vietnamese keyboard on Samsung phones only use Telex, whereas Vietnamese keyboard on iPhones offers both typing methods and a less popular one called VIQR.

You can find the details about the two types of typing VNI amd Telex at the kết thúc of Vietnamese alphabet post. To lớn make it easier for you, I re-post the cheat sheet for Telex here.



Just in case you want to use VIQR, here’s how lớn type using VIQR:

o+ or o*ơ

To type Vietnamese, you just need lớn type the combinations above to use Vietnamese letters and accent marks.

Texting in Vietnamese without accent marks (tones) & special letters

While it is easier to understand if the text has accent marks and special letters such as ô, ư, etc., it is also very common for Vietnamese people to lớn just type or text Vietnamese without accent marks or those special letters khổng lồ save time.

Sounds crazy right? Imagine reading Japanese, Korean or Chinese with half of the characters gone. It may sound impossible or difficult khổng lồ understand, but it is doable with Vietnamese in most cases. When it is difficult to differentiate between different words, clarification or marks can be used.

Let’s say you know that “không biết” means “don’t know” & you also know what tôi means. If you receive a text like this, will you understand what it means?

toi khong biet

Even without marks, it is almost unthinkable for a Vietnamese person khổng lồ associate “khong biet” with anything else other than “không biết” when they first look at it. As a result, when a Vietnamese reader reads the text above, he or she will know that it is “Tôi không biết,” which means I don’t know.

How lớn use “Google voice typing” lớn text Vietnamese

Don’t want to manually type it yourself? Google voice typing can type it for you. And it happens to understand Vietnamese too!

You just need to lớn turn on Google Voice typing và speak to lớn it. It will turn speech into text so you don’t have khổng lồ type it.

If you have a Samsung phone, here’s how to add Google Voice typing option.

Go lớn Settings.Then go to General management.Go lớn Language & input.Under Keyboards section, select On-screen keyboard.Select + Manage keyboards.Turn on the switch for “Google voice typing.”

When you want to lớn use it, if you use Samsung phone, vị not click on the microphone icon on the virtual keyboard. If you click on the microphone icon, it will turn on Samsung voice instead of Google voice typing. Instead, click on the keyboard button at the bottom right of your screen.


Once you click on it you will see that its mặc định keyboard is Samsung keyboard. Change it khổng lồ Google voice typing.

Once you have changed the keyboard, Google microphone will appear. You just need khổng lồ tap và speak.

I was very amazed when I found out that Google can actually recognize Vietnamese speech và type it in Vietnamese. It makes typing Vietnamese so much faster và easier. Google, great job!

Which typing method do I use to type on điện thoại phone?

Since I discovered that Google’s speech-to-text function can understand Vietnamese, I have been using it exclusively to type on my phone. It’s way faster than manually typing. Sometimes, when Google cannot understand or misspells a word, I will use Telex lớn type it. But it is mostly because Telex is the only available option on my current phone.