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Factory berlin is the strongest ecosystem for innovation in Europe. We re-imagine collaboration von connecting people, ideas, und resources in order zu impact our community, our surroundings, and the world.

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The garage Deloitte



The hubblr Start-Up Studio zu sein a visionary hub where ideas are shaped and turned into digital products. We push our and our clients software program development und management an abilities to die limits zu challenge structures and create the next generation von digital ventures v impact.


Beiersdorf AG

Beiersdorf has stood zum innovative, high-quality skin care products and also pioneering skin research zum more 보다 135 years. Its leading international brands such as NIVEA, EUCERIN (dermo-cosmetics), la PRAIRIE (selective cosmetics) und HANSAPLAST / ELASTOPLAST (band-aids und wound care) space selected every day über millions of people globally. Beiersdorf is so a around the world leading manufacturer von technical adhesive tapes and provides self-adhesive solutions zu industry, handmade businesses, und consumers through die wholly owned affiliate tesa SE.



Ostrom clears all the headaches with controlling your energy. With flexible monthly plans, multilingual support in English & German, a fully digital experience und sourcing only 100% environment-friendly energy.



AEB zu sein a die leading wolke software and service provider bei the fields of logistics and global trade. Our main point competencies are skilled consultation und delivering IT-solutions weil das Customs Handling, profession Compliance, Transport und Freight Management.


Hamburger Hochbahn

Founded in 1911, hamburger Hochbahn transports over 1.2 million civilization a day with its 1000+ network des underground trains and buses, v a focus on innovation bei urban mobility.

BOND Mobility

BOND Mobility creates urban mobility options and transforms ns way human being move around an cities. As the world"s zuerst provider des stationless e-bike sharing, bindung Mobility establishes premium e-bikes designed in Switzerland that, compared to other providers, are charged per kilometer driven. Through its own software und hardware platform, bindung Mobility so offers full-stack service to an increasing number von private customers and numerous B2B partners

Miami ad School

Miami ad School Europe is in international school of creative innovations. Renowned for training outstanding an innovative talent, mentored by the best working professionals from ns industry. The partnership will accelerate our shared aufgabe to administer opportunities zum young talents and enable integration with professionals & businesses zu develop new skills and experiences. Die school"s aufgabe to connect students with professionals and businesses that can support your learning und growth, renders Factory berlin the ideal community zum their berlin students kommen sie call home.


Bolt is the top European on-demand transport platform that’s focused on do urban travel easier, quicker und more reliable. Ns company’s service range indigenous ride-hailing to micromobility und food delivery.


Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that lasst uns you create and publish your very own landing pages, there is no needing a developer to code them. It’s an easier und faster way to get more conversions from your traffic.


Pleo offers clever company credit cards the automate price reports und simplify firm spending.

Black Brown Berlin

Our partnership with black Brown berlin aims to provide safe spaces weil das Black and Brown people und give the community equitable access zu opportunities an Factory Berlin"s creative, tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Plan A

Plan A aid companies measure, reduce und offset their business carbon footprint whilst creating in employee culture von sustainability.

CODE University von the used Sciences

Learning zu sein driven über curiosity at CODE University von Applied Sciences. Together one of Factory Berlin"s major educational partners, we"re in in ongoing state of discourse as zu how students, founders and technologists kann sein learn indigenous one another, und learn by doing inside ns community.

Sónar +D

Sónar+D is a hub of innovation, creativity und imagination. Perched at the intersection von disciplines, und exploring the interplay between STEAM topics, they affix our Artists in Residence with believed leaders in the space. Together, us empower our communities zu use art und tech together a vehicle zum cross-industry disruption.


MedLoop close the gap bolzen patients and doctors; producing a much more fluent dialogue, empowering the patient and providing methods with more time to focus top top direct geduldig care.


Vyking produce virtual try-on technology zum footwear brands, making use of AI and computer vision to reinvent the online shopping experience.

Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios berlin brings a an imaginative mix of top-ranked artists und producers from various backgrounds and genres right into our community. Our share network pushes boundaries zu unleash neu modes von music, tech and entrepreneurship.

McKinsey & Company

The McKinsey Digital suffer Studio"s program provides our founders and corporates with the consulting tips to transform your companies. They provide us through insightful studies, and support us through our startup campaigns such as Stealth Mode.


Siemens Mobility is transforming the way us travel, continually innovating your portfolio bei four main point areas: roll stock, rail automation and electrification, intelligent traffic systems, connected services, und turnkey tasks – zu shape ns future von mobility.

Audi Denkwerkstatt

Audi Denkwerkstatt consists des nine residents, that are the anchor and the platform weil das the intrapreneurship program. In a half-yearly rotation, trost to fünfzehn Audi intrapreneurs from all firm divisions, hierarchies and age groups build sustainable solutions weil das the human need des mobility bei a digitized world.

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Google zum Startups

Google zum Startups ist a globalen network von startup communities. With each other as a network von networks we learn, exchange und share our successes wie man it comes zu facilitating entrepreneurship und supporting startups. Ns partnership gives our members access zu all Google zum Startups partners, technical workshops und support. Due to the fact that summer 2020, Google for Startups so powers die Stealth setting program, offering mentors, knowledge and support to 10 aspiring woman founders.

“It’s really an excellent to have access kommen sie this talent pool - there space a lot of very talented people in the community.”
“We continuously are able zu find experts and tutors from ns Factory berlin community. Ours Talents so have the possibility of interning zum different businesses throughout manufacturing facility Berlin. Die relationship goes both ways.”
“Factory berlin for united state provides the perfect possibility zu meet exciting personalities in bei amazing atmosphere, to learn und mutually advantage from each other.”
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