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Die biografie des jahr über einen das revolutionärsten Entwickler der Welt Macintosh, iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad – Steve jobs hat das digitalen welt mit ns Kultmarke apple Ästhetik und Aura gegeben. Wo bill Gates für solide Alltagsarbeit steht, ist der Mann ende San Francisco die Stilikone ns IT-Zeitalters, einen begnadeter Vordenker, der kompromisslos seiner ideen folgt. Genial und selbstbewusst hat das trotz ökonomischer und persönlicher Krisen den apfel mit Biss (Bite) zum Synonym für creation und Vision gemacht. Doch wer ist dies Meister das Inszenierung, was treibt ihn? Walter Isaacson gewann das Vertrauen des Apple-Chefs und konnte wie erster Biograf während das langjährigen Recherchen auf seine uneingeschränkte Unterstützung auch bauen als auf ns seiner Familie, seiner Weggefährten und sogar der Kontrahenten. Entstanden ist das ein buch über Steve job und sein Unternehmen – nicht nur für Apple-Fans.

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Walter Isaacson befehl heute das Aspen Institute, nachdem das zuvor Vorstandsposten bei CNN und Time zeitschrift bekleidet hat, und ist wie Buchautor schon mit Biografien von Albert Einstein, benjamin Franklin und Henry Kissinger hervorgetreten.

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Harvard, B.A. In History und Literature, 1974; Oxford (Rhodes Scholar), M.A. An Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

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Excerpt 1 His personality was reflected an the commodities he created. Nur as die core of Apple’s philosophy, from ns original Macintosh in 1984 to ns iPad a generation later, was ns end-to-end integration des hardware und software, deswegen too was it ns case with steve Jobs: His passions, perfectionism, demons, desires, artistry, devilry, und obsession zum control to be integrally connected zu his approach to business und the products that resulted. Die unified field theory the ties with each other Jobs’s personality and products starts with his many salient trait: his intensity. His silences could be as searing together his rants; he had actually taught himself zu stare there is no blinking. Occasionally this intensity was charming, an a geeky way, such as when he was explaining die profundity of Bob Dylan’s music or why everything product he was unveiling weist that momente was the most remarkable thing that apfel had ever made. Hinweisen other mal it can be terrifying, such as wie he was fulminating about google or Microsoft ripping off Apple. This intensity motivated a binary view von the world. Partner referred to ns hero/shithead dichotomy. You were one of two people one or die other, periodically on ns same day. Ns same was true of products, ideas, even food: Something was either “the ideal thing ever,” or it was shitty, brain-dead, inedible. As a result, any kind of perceived flaw could set off a rant. The finish on a piece of metal, the curve of the head von a screw, the shade of blue top top a box, ns intuitiveness von a navigation screen—he would declare them kommen sie “completely suck” until that moment when he all of sudden pronounced lock “absolutely perfect.” he thought of himself as an artist, which that was, and he indulged in the temperament von one. His quest zum perfection led to his compulsion for apfel to schutz end-to-end control von every product that it made. He gott hives, or worse, wie man contemplating great sich entschuldigen software running on one more company’s crappy hardware, and he likewise was allergic to die thought von unapproved apps or inhalt polluting the perfection of in Apple device. This ability kommen sie integrate hardware and software und content right into one unified system enabled ihm to i charged simplicity. Die astronomer johannes Kepler asserted that “nature loves simplicity and unity.” so did steve Jobs. Excerpt 2 for Jobs, belief in in integrated approach was a matte of righteousness. “We perform these things notfall because us are manage freaks,” that explained. “We carry out them due to the fact that we want zu make an excellent products, due to the fact that we care about ns user, and because we like zu take responsibility for the whole experience fairly than revolve out die crap the other people make.” He also believed he was doing human being a service: “They’re liven doing whatever they perform best, und they want us kommen sie do what we perform best. Their leben are crowded; they oase other sachen to execute than think about how zu integrate their computers and devices.” This method sometimes went versus Apple’s short-term unternehmen interests. But in a welt filled v junky devices, inscrutable fehler messages, and annoying interfaces, it angeführt to astonishing assets marked by beguiling user experiences. Using bei Apple product might be together sublime as walking bei one of the meditation gardens des Kyoto that job loved, und neither experience was created über worshipping at die altar of openness or von letting a thousand flowers bloom. Occasionally it’s nice to be in the hands des a regulate freak. Jobs’s intensity was also evident an his ability to focus. He would collection priorities, target his laser attention top top them, und filter the end distractions. If something engaged him—the user interface zum the initial Macintosh, the entwurf of die iPod and iPhone, gaining music carriers into ns iTunes Store—he was relentless. Yet if he did not want kommen sie deal with something—a legal annoyance, a business issue, his cancer diagnosis, a household tug—he would resolutely neglect it. That emphasis allowed ihm to say no. The got sich entschuldigen back on track über cutting all except a few core products. He made devices simpler über eliminating buttons, software simpler von eliminating features, and interfaces simpler by eliminating options. That attributed his ability zu focus und his love of simplicity zu his zen training. The honed his appreciation for intuition, showed ihm how zu filter the end anything that was distracting or unnecessary, und nurtured bei him bei aesthetic based upon minimalism. Regrettably his zen training never ever quite produced an him a Zen-like calm or inner serenity, und that too is part of his legacy. He was often tightly coiled und impatient, traits he made no effort kommen sie hide. Most people oase a regulator between their mind and mouth the modulates your brutish sentiments und spikiest impulses. Notfall Jobs. That made a point of being brutally honest. “My job ist to say wie something sucks rather than sugarcoat it,” that said. This made er charismatic and inspiring, yet also, to use the technical term, in asshole hinweisen times. Andy Hertzfeld once told me, “The one concern I’d truly liebe Steve kommen sie answer is, ‘Why are freundin sometimes dafür mean?’” also his household members wondered whether he merely lacked die filter that restrains world from venting their wounding thoughts or willfully bypassed it. Job claimed it was ns former. “This is who i am, and you can’t intend me to be someone I’m not,” he replied when i asked er the question. But ich think he in reality could have controlled himself, if he had wanted. When he ache people, that was not because he was lacking in emotional awareness. Quite ns contrary: He might size civilization up, know their inner thoughts, and know how kommen sie relate zu them, cajole them, or ache them weist will. Die nasty edge to his personality was notfall necessary. The hindered ihm more than it aided him. However it did, at times, offer a purpose. Polite and velvety leaders, who take care zu avoid bruising others, room generally notfall as effective weist forcing change. Dozens von the colleagues whom job most abused ended their litany of horror stories von saying the he gott them kommen sie do jene they never ever dreamed possible. Excerpt 3 the saga des Steve Jobs ist the Silicon Valley development myth writ large: launching a startup in his parents’ garage und building it into die world’s most an useful company. That didn’t design many dinge outright, yet he was a master punkt putting with each other ideas, art, and technology an ways the invented the future. That designed ns Mac after appreciating the power des graphical interfaces bei a method that Xerox was unable kommen sie do, and he created ns iPod after grasping die joy of having a thousand songs in your pocket in a method that Sony, which had all die assets und heritage, never can accomplish. Part leaders press innovations von being great at die big picture. Others do so von mastering details. Job did both, relentlessly. As a an outcome he launched a series des products over three years that transformed whole industries. Was he smart? No, not exceptionally. Instead, he was a genius. His imaginative leaps were instinctive, unexpected, und at mal magical. The was, indeed, bei example des what the mathematician markierung Kac dubbed a magician genius, someone who insights kommen sie out des the blue and require intuition more than mere psychological processing power. Prefer a pathfinder, he could absorb information, sniff the winds, und sense what put ahead. Steve job thus became the greatest business executive des our era, ns one many certain to be remembered a century from now. History wollen place him in the pantheon best next kommen sie Edison and Ford. Much more than anyone else von his time, that made products that were completely innovative, combining the power of poetry and processors. V a ferocity that might make working with him as unsettling as it was inspiring, he also built ns world’s most an imaginative company. And he was able to infuse into its DNA the design sensibilities, perfectionism, und imagination that make the likely kommen sie be, even years from now, the company the thrives ideal at die intersection von artistry and technology. Excerpt 4 die difference the Jony has made, notfall only at apple but in the world, zu sein huge. He ist a wickedly clever person bei all ways. He understands business concepts, marketing concepts. That picks ingredient up just like that, click. The understands what we do at our core better than anyone. If ich had a spiritual kollege at Apple, it’s Jony. Jony and I think trost most von the assets together and then pull others in and say, “Hey, what do freundin think around this?” he gets ns big bild as well as the most infinitesimal einzelheiten about every product. Und he understands that apfel is a product company. He’s not nur a designer. That’s why he works directly zum me. The has more operational energie than anyone rather at apfel except me. There’s nobody who kann tell ihm what zu do, or to butt out. That’s the way i set the up. Excerpt 5 When job gathered his oberteil management zum a prototyp talk nur after he ended up being iCEO in September 1997, sitting bei the audience was a sensitive und passionate thirty-year-old Brit who was head des the company’s entwurf team. Jonathan Ive, known to all together Jony, was planning zu quit. He was sick von the company’s focus on profit maximization quite than product design. Jobs’s talk angeführt him to reconsider. “I remember an extremely clearly steve announcing that our goal is not nur to do money but kommen sie make great products,” ive recalled. “The decisions you make based upon that viewpoint are fundamentally various from the ones we had actually been making at Apple.” Ive and Jobs would soon create a sklave that would certainly lead to die greatest industrial entwurf collaboration des their era. Ive thrived up in Chingford, a city on ns northeast edge von London. His father was a silversmith that taught at the local college. “He’s a an excellent craftsman,” i have recalled. “His Christmas schädlich to me would certainly be one day von his time in his university workshop, during the Christmas break when no one else was there, helping me do whatever i dreamed up.” the only condition was that Jony had to draw von hand what castle planned zu make. “I always understood ns beauty of things made von hand. I came to realize that what was really vital was die care that was put right into it. What i really despise is when i sense part carelessness in a product.” ive enrolled in Newcastle Polytechnic und spent his spare time und summers working punkt a entwurf consultancy. One of his creations was a pen with a little ball on top that was fun zu fiddle with. It helped give the owner a playful emotional connection to die pen. Weil das his thesis that designed a microphone and earpiece—in pure white plastic—to communicate with hearing-impaired kids. His flat was filled v foam models he had made to help ihm perfect die design. He so designed bei ATM machine und a bent phone, both des which won awards from ns Royal Society von Arts. Unlike some designers, the didn’t just make beautiful sketches; he also focused top top how ns engineering und inner materials would work. He had in epiphany bei college when he was able to entwurf on a Macintosh. “I discovered ns Mac and felt ich had a connection with ns people that were do this product,” the recalled. “I suddenly taken what a firm was, or was supposed zu be.”