Streik lufthansa november 2015

BERLIN/FRANKFURT ( - German airline Lufthansa LHAG.DE canceled hundreds of flights top top Friday and warned von more disruption top top Saturday after ~ a cabin crew gewerkschaftern started a series des walkouts that could become the longest ever before strike at the carrier.

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On the erste day of a planned hauptsächlich of protest over fail pension talks, trip attendants to be instructed zu strike punkt Frankfurt, Lufthansa’s best hub, und Duesseldorf between 1300 and 2200 GMT (0900 and 1800 EDT), affecting around 37,500 passengers.

That möchte be followed von walkouts on short-haul flights native Frankfurt und all flights native Duesseldorf bolzen 0500 GMT und 2200 GMT (0100 and 1800 EDT) on Saturday, the UFO union announced.

According zu Lufthansa, that möchte result in about 520 short-haul flights being canceled the day, influence 58,000 passengers.

For Friday, Lufthansa claimed it had canceled 290 plan flights including 15 long-haul departures, which room typically more profitable weil das carriers. Eight long-haul flights will ausblüten take off, it said.

The walkout come after Lufthansa und the gewerkschaftern failed zu reach an agreement in a long-running row over early on retirement benefits und pensions.

Lufthansa is trying to negotiate with various staff groups kommen sie bring under pension costs as part of a save drive zu allow it zu compete far better with low-cost rivals and wealthy Gulf carriers.

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Should Lufthansa management not make concessions, the gewerkschaftler will carry out a threat kommen sie stage much more walkouts till Nov. 13, the said.

Equinet analyst Jochen Rothenbacher said strike costs could total 20 million euros ($21 million) a day, depending on the number of cancellations, giving a total des around 140 million euros need to the union strike on 7 days, as threatened.

Strikes von pilots schutz already expense Lufthansa 130 million euros so far this year.

Lufthansa share were trost almost three percent top top Friday, nearly recovering from Thursday, wie they closed under 4 percent ~ the unionist confirmed it would strike.

Lufthansa’s other hauptsächlich hub in Munich will not be subject kommen sie walkouts until after Sunday, given school holidays an that bereichen of southern Germany.

Lufthansa kopieren, gruppe airlines Swiss, shirt Airlines, Germanwings, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, wait Dolomiti and Cityline will notfall be affected von the strike. That means that overall, ns airlines group can operate 90 percent des the 3,000 flights it commonly runs on a Friday.

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