Sunshine live vol 60

Out ns door, combined drizzle und flurries are relocating across ns area. Isolated locations could transaction with buchstabe moments of reduced visibility. So if you are travel today, take it it slow. Wenig to no accumulation ist expected together this system continues kommen sie move out.

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A smaller low pressure will slide from phibìc Dakota down with Wisconsin. This system looks to have more promising numbers zu give the bereichen 1 to 4 inches des snow. However, the Coulee bereich will keep accumulation under 2 inches und won"t stick around for very long.

Quiet changes...

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Skies remain cloudy Sunday with cooler air und Monday will bring more von the below-average temperatures. But über Monday, die sunshine will anfang to break from ns clouds. And then a warm-up zu sein setting up for Tuesday but it can be short-lived.

- Stormtracker 19 Meteorologist Alyssa Triplett

You can always continue to be up zu date on die weather with the StormTracker 19 projection weather page on ours website, or with the Weather app available for download weil das your android or iOS device.

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