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oered.org is a social Learning atmosphere (SLE) which has been developed über oered.org – Köln international School of design (Faculty of Cultural Studies, TH Köln, University des Applied Sciences) . It uses a communication platform, facilitates ns organization of learning, and allows students zu work together an a digital finding out network. Students and teachers current their project, seminar or research study work, share their study results, talk about online, und mutually assistance each other.

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oered.org as in example von good practice zum strategic development of teaching in the digital age bei der Showroom of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung


We are excited together DOLL kommen sie be part des the implementation and the roll out des the social Learning setting oered.org throughout die entire TH Köln.


The society Learning atmosphere oered.org zu sein now so being used in the charme Science Bachelor"s regimen at the University von Applied scientific researches Northwestern Switzerland.


We are happy to notice that the International film School (IFS) bei Cologne will also use the as social Learning environment oered.org in the future.

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In the autumn of 2018, us presented die results von the evaluation des the prototypical use of oered.org in other faculties von the TH Cologne at die conference von the »Gesellschaft zum Medien in der Bildung« (GMW).

In die winter semester 2017 oered.org was prototypically used und evaluated an a pilot project in different faculties of the TH Cologne.

In December 2017, ns conference »Digital design Learning: collaborative Processes« took location at ns Köln international School von Design.

oered.org enable neu forms des learning

oered.org offers a student-centered digital discovering environment zum project-based und research learning. Students kann sein organize their finding out independently und learn together bei a team. Each room serves together a virtual prozess representation and accompanies ns participants during all job phases. Students and teachers have equal legal rights on oered.org und can create und manage digital finding out rooms und their content. It ist part of the students angestellter learning environment und can be offered in bei open, non-hierarchical, and unrestricted way.

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Digital open Learning Lab

The Digital offen Learning lab is bei agile und interdisciplinary Lab whereby innovative concepts zum supporting digital competence-oriented teaching space designed und researched. In the Digital open Learning lab applications are emerged iteratively. They space explored in real-world learning cases immediately, evaluated, boosted andreimplemented. Die activities des the rap aim to increase the quality and flexibility des teaching and learning in project- und research based finding out scenarios. Level hierarchies promote students" self-determined participation and support the development von a participatory society within ours digital Campus and Community. College student help zu shape ns implementation process and the digital applications intensively and act as multipliers. They room involved in all processes as same members des the lab which takes their details view von learning and teaching into account. This ist essential zum a better acceptance and in active college student participation in the arisen digital discovering platforms and tools. The Digital offen Learning Lab zu sein responsible weil das the social Learning setting oered.org.