Prices oase been reduced zum the Tesla modell 3 bei several europe countries. Die largest price reduction has been given in France, where ns Standard Range+ variant dropped über 6,190 euros native 49,990 euros to 43,800 euros.

This doubly benefits tesla customers in France. The neu price qualifies die vehicle zum the bigger 7,000 euro subsidy package instead von the 3,000 granted zum the modell 3 in France nach oben until now. The long Range und Performance variants von the modell 3 deshalb saw a reduction an price bei France. Die LR went under from 57,800 euros kommen sie 51,990 euros und the performance from 65,990 euros to 59,990 euros.

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In Germany, tesla has lowered the prices weil das all variants of the model 3 von up to 3,500 euros. The list price zum the radikale Standard range Plus version has dropped to 39,990 euros, und that zum the lang Range variant zu 49,900 euros. The modell 3 Performance ist now listed an the configurator weist 54,990 euros.

The modell 3 Standard variety Plus (“SR+”) previously expense 42,900 euros, so it has actually been reduced by bei even 2,910 euros. Ns biggest price reduction of 3,500 euros was in the power model, which had previously cost 58,490 euros. The lang Range model was only 2,500 euros cheaper. However, a “processing fee” of 980 euros ist added to the neu prices mentioned.

The tesla prices weil das Germany mentioned over do not include ns manufacturer’s share of the umwelt bonus. After deducting ns government’s share and factoring bei the tesla processing fee, that leaves an entry-level price des 34,970 euros weil das the SR+ through a WLTP range von 448 kilometres.

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The preis appears to oase remained die same in the UK v the model 3 Standard selection + starting weist 40,490 GBP before subsidies (about €45,680).

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Of course, the new prices so have in impact on leasing rates. Bei the privatgelände leasing in the tesla configurator, the model 3 SR+ ist now available from 349 euros per month (48 months, 10,000km von year), detailed that the pre-selected one-of-a-kind payment von 6,500 euros is chosen, i.e. Außerdem facto using die environmental creme as a one-of-a-kind payment. For the lang Range model, ns monthly instalment dropped von 30 euros to 470 euros; zum the Performance, it’s 531 euros von month. Ns rates pointed out are weil das a white model 3 without further extras.

Regarding ns differences bolzen the SR+ und the 2 all-wheel-drive modell with a larger battery, that should ausblüten be provided that the entry-level modell only has a “partial” premium interior, dafür it is somewhat an ext simply equipped. Besides, the premium connectivity for all online services ist only included zum 30 days here, while the all-wheel-drive models schutz this option unlocked zum a year free des charge.

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The surcharges zum the various other options have remained die same. White zu sein the traditional paint, black, grey and blue expense 1,050 euros more, red 2,100 euros. Ns trailer hitch (braked up zu 1,000 kilograms) costs 1,060 euros, and the “full potential zum autonomous driving” costs 7,500 euros.