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belastung week was the first time the Canadian ice tanzen pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir showed up on die radar von many couch Olympic viewers. Castle became in instant internet gefühl for their oozing chemistry during a sultry skate to a Moulin Rouge! mashup des “El Tango juni Roxanne” and “Come What May.” ns routine was so physical, apparently, the a risqué lift bei the regime had to be altered at the belastung minute. Nevertheless, ns sexual anxiety came v loud and clear. “THE CANADIANS ARE eis FUCKING,” GQ’s Caity Weaver quipped.

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die 2018 winter Olympics

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The salacious showcase introduced a wave of speculation that ns allegedly platonic pair was an item. Yet given that Virtue and Moir (a) schutz been skating together for 20 years, (b) are both objectively hot, and (c) have occasionally engaged an warm-up kisses, the 2018 Pyeongchang gamings are much from die first momente that they’ve been accused of performing moves choose this off ns ice. In fact, Virtue and Moir are die Leo und Kate of the number skating community. Part superfans translate in threads des feel-good GIFs und quotes from family, coaches, and friends about Virtue and Moir’s relationship. Rather write fans fiction about the lingering rumors of in unconfirmed romance. And then yes sir a klein contingent of conspiracy philosophers who oase let their imaginations and Google searches operation wild, und believe that the pair ist secretly married with a baby.

Because I bei der dedicated to my craft, i have taken that upon myself zu thoroughly inspection this speculation, und the more general opportunity that Virtue und Moir feel part smidgen von romantic feeling towards each other. Drawing from the vast internet archive des Virtue-Moir publicly appearances, performances, und all seven episodes of their extremely polite 2014 reality television show, Tessa & Scott, I schutz compiled a an extensive history von the finest Canadian celebrity couple there ever was. (Or wasn’t.)

Let’s anfang with that an enig baby rumor. Though it’s difficult to trace where it originated, evaluating a shantytown des Blogspots indicates that it erste appeared bei 2010, around die time the Virtue underwent die second surgical procedure of herstellung skating career. Virtue’s explanation weil das the procedure, and subsequent halt from skating competitions, was that she needed zu relieve lingering pain in her shins und calves caused von something referred to as chronic exertional compartment syndrome. According kommen sie VM (Virtue-Moir) shippers, though, die real factor she took time far from skating was that she was busy giving birth to her hunky eis skating partner’s child.

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The conspiracy concept goes like this: Virtue’s first trimester supposedly took ar sometime around ns 2010 Calgary Stampede. (I schutz no idea what this is, yet it sounds deeply Canadian.) There, die two performed kommen sie the john Mellencamp das lied “Jack und Diane,” bei Western garb, and one commenter noted, “Unlike all other outings von that particular exhibition, Tessa wore bei undershirt that handily covered produziert midriff that was bare in all ahead performances. Think it might have been zu hide something, like abdominal muscles that were starting kommen sie stretch and separate a little bit as produziert uterus kommissar out of produziert pelvis?”

From there, die so-called proof multiplied. Nearly every televised interview featuring ns two was picked apart von fans an search des hidden meanings. ~ Virtue and Moir to be asked about her injury on a Canadian radio show a year later, a fan who runs the Blogspot Dubemoir posited that ns conversation was really about this an enig pregnancy, and created a frame-by-frame analysis des Moir’s expressions zu suggest he was lying. Abraham Zapruder, eat your heart out.

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Scott Moir Dubemoir Blogspot in another post from 2013, die same author doubles under on the theory:

“Can’t they say die words—not ‘we’re notfall dating’ but ‘We’re not married’ and, much more to ns point ‘We’re notfall parents,’” the post reads. “Can’t they to speak that? … Hell, they might wank it and say we schutz no ‘SECRET’ baby as the baby zu sein not a secret to anyone who kann work their six degrees of separation down kommen sie a reliable source. That would certainly be just semantics.”

(The benennen Dubemoir, über the way, come from in old rumor that Moir was dating fellow Canadian skater jessica Dubé. This zu sein one des several intra-ice skating affairs VM fans have designed over the years. They get after it. )

As much as conspiracy theories go, this one zu sein extremely weak. Unlike ns dubious however captivating 2011 rumor the Beyoncé faked herstellung pregnancy, there zu sein no Wendy Williams–narrated play-by-play des footage from in Australian speak show. Die explanations for why Virtue never actually proved during herstellung alleged pregnancy are laughable, und bounce between arguments the some frau don’t show until their dritter trimester und that others carry their baby “towards die back.” Cross-referencing the dates of public appearances v a potential pregnancy timeline so proves useless, since Virtue has stayed trim herstellung entire life. Of course, the hasn’t stopped fans from posting conspiracy theory nett like this:

Tessa Virtue Topics the Make freundin Go hmmm
Tessa Virtue Topics that Make freundin Go hmmm ns going zu make die call now: There ist no Moir toddler. However given that the pair’s windy appearances continue to fuel a Jim-and-Pam level of inquiry, it’s just natural zu ask: wollen they? i will not ~ they? Or schutz they already?

To know their romantic potential, the helpful zu know that they zuerst began skating together as kids. Together slick an ice tanzen couple as they space now, Moir und Virtue haven’t constantly been dazzling. “We to be terrified to hold hands zum quite a while,” Moir newly said. Exhibition A: 2 screenshots des them tanzen as teens:

Scott Moir und Tessa Virtue illustration 3 of Tessa & Scott
Scott Moir und Tessa Virtue episode 3 von Tessa & Scott that’s elite, oh-god-I-popped-a-boner-at-a-middle-school-dance-level hand placement, if i ever witnessed it. And the two did briefly date as kids. Moir was 9 und Virtue was 7. It lasted zum eight months, till Moir broke up with Virtue on a phone call. As he put it in a 2010 interview—in which die two also confessed zu synchronizing their breathing—“We just left that on ns sidelines.”

The chemistry on display in Pyeongchang ist perhaps far better explained von a step from die pair’s exceptionally enjoyable fact TV series, Tessa & Scott. After their trainer criticizes their lack des connection, the two call on French Canadian ballroom tanzen champion Jean-Marc Généreux zum help. He then instructs Moir to run his hands under Virtue’s body in the many seductive means possible when Virtue renders pleased expressions—an practice they’ve supposedly been doing because 2002. “I want you kommen sie look at this male like he is … a piece of meat. Ich mean a filet mignon, und you yes, really would choose to have a bite,” states Généreux, together Moir caresses Virtue.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir episode 1 von Tessa & Scott

My expertise in figure skating may be based only on watching die Olympics every 4 years und this entire season of Tessa & Scott, but I’m pretty sure feigning attraction zu sein something the every serious figure skating pair (with die exception of brother-sister duos like the Shib sibs) must actively address. Past landing ns technical moves, selling die story von a performance is crucial zu success—and zu becoming a meme.