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Ultimately, there is plenty to liebe about die Sony XZ Premium, especially if you're a Sony fan and you're into that flat-slab design. It's a flagship an equipment with some good features, some von which can't be discovered elsewhere, but in the existing fabulous smartphone world, it's sadly nur not quite as exciting as that is competition.Read complete verdict

zum great 4K screen with HDR technology an excellent battery life super slow-motion feature ist excellent an excellent overall software application experience Waterproofing Cheaper 보다 some various other flagships
versus design hasn't relocated on much Camera isn't as an excellent as competition screen doesn't regulate well an super bright conditions Occasional lag an performance

(oered.org) - die Sony Xperia XZ Premium sit at ns top von the large portfolio von Sony smartphones, pulling together advanced camera und display an innovation from various other aspects des Sony"sbusiness and pairing it all with the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.

However, in spite of touting in ultra high-res 4K screen, ns XZ Premiumdoesn"t break any new entwurf boundaries prefer the samsung Galaxy S8and LG G6 perform with your innovative screens and more up-to-date visuals.

Can the XZ Premium"s mighty specsmake up zum a lack of imagination in the aussehen department?

Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: Design

156 x 77 x 7.9mm; 191gFingerprint sensor within power taste on sidemicroSD und SIM slot behind hülle on left

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is the ideal you"ll obtain fromthe Xperia range. Together the name suggests, it haspremium finish that surpasses the likes of die Xperia XZ und Xperia XZs v its copy body.


The XZ Premium zu sein available in Luminous Chrome, Deepsea Black und Bronze Pink, und although castle pick hoch fingerprints choose they are going out of fashion, die glossy look zu sein fabulous.

The Deepsea schwarze farbe was our testimonial device, which ist the subtler looking von the available finishes, special elements of blue favor theXperia XZ for a striking und deeper complete than meets die eye.Sticking true to the Sony smartphone legacy, die Xperia XZ Premium has actually that OmniBalance flat-slab entwurf we"ve kommen sie to expect, back its finish is more seamless und slimmer (at 7.9mm) 보다 its much less premium sibling.

Rather than several various materials joined together, resulting in a somewhat messy design, die Xperia XZ Premium has actually one sheet des 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass on the rear und another on ns front, producing a complete that issignificantlyless fussy. Die edges remain level with a slight curve, a feature that was introduced on die Xperia Z5, but the 2.5D curved glassmakes every little thing look much more considered - as does the reduction bei thickness, even if neitherhelpto showSony moving as far in addition to its design as itscompetitors.


Those large bezels above and below the display remain, resulting in adevice the feels much wider and bulkier than other devices in the market, favor theSamsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, both von whichhavelarger display screens butnarrowerbodies than the XZ Premium.It"s a characteristics all die Xperia tools feature and although it distinguishes them, us would schutz liked Sony to reduce castle as die XZ Premium"s display deserves to be much more prominent bei the design.

The wider und weightier body deshalb mean ns XZ Premium zu sein not a machine that kann be quickly used one-handed, requiring some obtaining used to, especially weil das those with smaller sized hands. The said, if sie like a huge device, die XZ Premium certainly feels solid und you won"t misplace it easily, nor möchte it go unnoticed in your pocket. Pros and cons.

As Sony fans will expect, the signature side-mounted fingerprint sensor zu sein present within ns power taste on the side die Xperia XZ Premium, with die camera launcher taste positioned a wenig further down.

The fingerprint sensor isn"t ns quickest on the market und it doesn"t choose it if sie place your finger there too quickly. It"s responsive enough und we didn"t oase many worries with it, except zum when our hands were wet, which zu sein the case for any fingerprint sensors.


A 3.5mm headphone jack sits to the right at die top von the device, while USB Type-C zu sein centralised atthe bottom. There is a microSD and SIM slot on die left des the an equipment beneath a flap, ensuring IP65 und IP68 waterproofing.

Although Sony is no much longer alone an offering waterproof smartphones,itworks brilliantly and it"s a an excellent feature to oase on board. Us took the XZ Premium into ns sea and a swimming pool with united state to prüfen out ns brilliant at sight slow-mo videos feature, i beg your pardon we möchte talk about in a minute, und had no issues punkt all.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: Display

5.5-inch IPS LCD displayMobile HDR compatible4K resolution (3840 ns 2160; 801ppi)

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium attributes a 5.5-inch display with a 4K resolution, following in the footsteps des the Xperia Z5 Premium.

Sony has actually taken die trend zum HDR (high dynamic range), in ultra-bright und expanded colour distribution technology, together found an the latest compatible televisions. With the right source inhalt that will mean richer und more vibrant colours with much better contrast and more light-to-dark detail.


It"s not the zuerst time we"ve viewed HDR ~ above a mobile device, as samsung introduced the on ns Galaxy klasse 7"s 2K display, while the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 also offer it. However, it zu sein the zuerst time zu beused witha 4K resolution on a mobile device.

Sony has actually said the willbe collaborating with amazonas Prime Video, just like samsung will, bei order to offeraccess tocontent that möchte take complete advantage des the display screen technology. Appropriate now, however, that inhalt is not yet available.

The XZ Premium"s IPS LCD panel is lovely zu look at, delivering rich und vibrant colours, deep blacks and white whites. We placed it next kommen sie Google"s Pixel XL, and also Apple"s iphone 7and the stands that is own versus both. We"d also go zu say it was more impressive on full brightness and in Super Vivid mode than the Pixel XL.

It zu sein possible kommen sie select bolzen three settings weil das colour gamut und contrast, consisting of Professional Mode, conventional Mode und Super-Vivid Mode. The belastung of these was our preference zum the extra punch, although ns Professional Mode was better wie looking at bildern which appear brighter top top this machine than they wollen on, say, a laptop or computer system monitor.

It"s wie man watching native 4K content that ns XZ Premium yes, really shines. We watched numerous 4K clips top top YouTube and the detail was fantastic.


Those large bezels one of two people side des the screen come in useful here auch as they administer somewhere for you kommen sie put your thumbs wie holding die device zu watch Netflix or YouTube, or play ja wirklich Racing, so they aren"t every bad.

The XZ Premium doesn"t deal with all the well in bright sunshine though. In fact, it"s very complicated to lakers the screen when bei super bright problems despite ns brightness emitted from ns screen itself. Notfall a constant problem, yet something zu bear bei mind.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: Camera

19MP motion Eye rear camera with memory-stacked sensor13MP front-facing cameraSuper slow-mo function offering 960fps

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium introduces a new camera to the Xperia party, cementing its position as a flagship handset. It"s referred to as Motion Eye und Sony insurance claims it ist the erste memory-stacked sensor, which ist supposed zu result bei faster scanning.

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There ist a 19-megapixel resolution sensor to the rear, i beg your pardon although zu sein a slightly reduced resolution than the Xperia XZ und previous flagship Xperia devices, provides 19 von cent bigger pixels (at 1.22µm). There is so a neu G lens, designed zum greater clarity. To the front ist a 13-megapixel camera.

Overall, the results are great in good conditions. Yet aren"t every flagship smartphone cameras this days? offer them a shining day und a blue sky and most will nail the shot. Us wouldn"t say ns Xperia XZ Premium has the most outstanding camera on the market, however it captures plenty von detail, to represent colour welland it"s quick zu focus too, even if part shots come out a wenig overexposed.

Sony has die hardware (most competitor cameras source Sony sensors zum their camera setups) yet it ausblüten doesn"t it seems to be ~ to have nailed die processing side of things, getting a little over-excited at times. Some detail, such together background trees, acquire a bit fuzzy - especially wie man you zoom bei to ns image, regularly looking like a paint rather than a photo.


It doesn"t fare too badly in low-light, offering good bright images from ns rear snapper, though us didn"t find the selfie camera an especially good bei low-light problems - particularly with the lack des front flash.

In remarkable Automatic mode, die rear camera won"t take full 19-megapixel resolution images unless you specifically adjust the settings, but freundin get around12-megapixels for a single image, which is more than an extensive enough.

There is deshalb a hand-operated mode, allowing adjustments to shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus and white balance. However, ns ISO sensitivity control ist placed elsewhere, along with HDR (high dynamic range), making things more fiddly than they need kommen sie be.


Video resolution is so in a separate settings food selection when bei video mode, meaning you will have to dig weil das 4K unless sie know where kommen sie look off the bat, an interpretation Full HD video are die default standard.

The most exciting new feature is the supervisor slow-motion functionality des the hauptsächlich camera, which ist easily obtainable unlike some des the various other features. It"s von far ours favourite thing around this Sony device and would be the main reason we"d consider buying this phone.

However, slow-mo resolution zu sein a little low hinweisen 720p and it crops die frame fora zoomed-in see when in mode is active, i beg your pardon requires you to gestanden a little further zurück sometimes. Still, it"s very easy to capture ns right moment und we certain loved utilizing this feature.

Sony Xperia XZ Premiumreview: Hardware, performanceand battery

Qualcomm SD835, 4GB RAM64GB storage, microSD3230mAh battery capacity, quick Charge 3.0

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium runs Qualcomm"s Snapdragon 835 chip, coupled with 4GB des RAM. That method thereis plenty of power und it commonly performs nur as fine as you would expect of a flagship.


However, over there were mal when ns phone couldn"t rather keep trost with our typing, or took a couple of secondsfor bild to render properly bei the Sony Album app. Such lag was unforeseen considering ns specification, but was rare - as most other zeit it was as smooth as a baby"s derrière.

Things heated nach oben a lotwhen in direct sunshine though. Us were on holiday and, even wie man hiding the device under a towel, experienced machine overheating problems twice.

The rear of the XZ Premiumalso got a wenig warm when playing high-end games, such as ja wirklich Racing 3, or using the AR effects in the camera, but this was lessserious und not auch different to what you"ll obtain from most devices.


In terms of battery performance, ns XZ Premium impressed us. The 3,230mAh capacity cell more than got us with a day, native 08:30 zu beyond midnight each day without needing to top it up. That had many mal using die super slow-mo camera function throughout the day, recording numerous images, playing games and performing basic tasks.

Should you need extr longevity, however, climate Stamina Mode möchte limit ns processing power weil das greater life, while rapid Charge 3.0 method speedy top-ups at die plug.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: Software

Android Nougat operating systemIncludes part Sony bloatwareNo google Assistant (at time von review)

Over the years Sony has actually stripped zurück some von itsbloatware, resulting in a viel cleaner und more systematized software experience. There are still several Sony apps, however, including Album, Video und Music top top top von the standard android software - butyou don"t have to get affiliated with castle if freundin don"t want.


We didn"t find the What"s New, Sony emails or Album apps were for us. Especially the belastung of those, i m sorry didn"t work seamlessly zum sliding with videos und it so had a couple of issues erhob images promptly.

Overall, however, the XZ Premium provides a smooth software program experience. The launcher zu sein nice, offering useful apps suggestions und bringing ns most offered apps to the top, so there"s really not much to complain about.


Sony deshalb offers support for Hi-Res Audio, which ist great given this zu sein predominately a smartphone designed zum entertainment. Die XZ Premium"s standalone speakers could be better, however connect the device kommen sie a pair of decent headphones und you"ll obtain a good high-end experience.


The Sony Xperia XZ Premium ist every bit the flagship smartphone bei terms of spec, yet it doesn"t bring the same wow element as the mögen of the samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6.

On die upside, die XZ Premium delivers a fantastic display that"s perfect for entertainment,the supervisor slow-motion camera feature ist exceptionally cool, die battery life ist worthy of a beat on ns back, waterproofing an extremely handy, and the in its entirety performance zu sein great zum the many part.

The large letdown zu sein that the entwurf is lacklustre compared to other flagship devices, despite ns lovely glossy coloured glass finish. The hauptsächlich camera also isn"t quite as good in our view.

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Ultimately, there zu sein plenty to liebe about ns Sony XZ Premium, particularly if you"re a Sony fan and into thatflat-slab design. It"s a flagship an equipment with some an excellent features, some of which can"t be found elsewhere, but in the current smartphone world it"s nur not quite as interesting as the competition.