NBC"s The Voice just wrapped that is 19th season, which observed Gwen Stefani rejoining ns panel together a coach weil das her fifth season.

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Over ns reality to sing competition"s history,Blake Sheltonremains die statistically best coach bei terms des winning seasons --having crowned a champ native his team bei seven des the show"s 19 seasons.

When The Voice premiered together NBC"s answer kommen sie FOX"s juggernautAmerican Idol, ns inaugural cast von coachesconsisted of Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine,Shelton, und CeeLoGreen. (Shelton ist the only trainer to oase stayed on ns rotating dashboard since die beginning of the hit show.)

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Apart native Shelton"s supreme power as king of The Voice, a plethora von star-studded musicianshave showed up as coaches totrytheir hand at die crownincluding Shakira, Pharrell, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Usher,Jennifer Hudson, Clarkson, Legend and Nick Jonas.

"The Voice" Crowns 2020 Winner

Below ist a complete list des which trainer won at the ende ofeach season.

Season 1

The firstseason ofThe Voicefeatured a kopieren, gruppe of coaches that would remain the same until thethird season. Hosted von Carson Daly, the zuerst season, which was filled with performances native amateur contestants as well as the coaches, witnessed Adam Levine"s team crowned asneo-soul singer haver Colon beat the end Dia Frampton to win the competition.

Coaches: Adam Lavine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera,CeeLo Green

Winner:Javier Colon

Winning Coach: mannschaft Adam (1)

Season 2

This season would be die beginning of the Shelton era asNew york R&B singer Jermaine paulus claimed The Voice championship. Paul proved his music talent prior zu appearing on die show:the spirit singer was co-nominated v future Voice trainer Alicia keys at die 48thGrammys zum best performance von a duo or gruppe with vocals.Paul crowning momentwould bringcoach Blake Shelton to hisfirstof a 3 consecutive wins inthe next couple of seasons.

Coaches: AdamLevine, BlakeShelton, Christina Aguilera,CeeLoGreen.

Winner: Jermaine Paul

Winning Coach: mannschaft Blake (1)

Season 3

28-year-old florida country singer Cassadee Pope ended up being the zuerst female winner des The Voicein season 3, coached von none other than the previous year"s champion. Advantage TeamBlake.

Coaches: AdamLevine, BlakeShelton, Christina Aguilera,CeeLoGreen


Winning Coach: mannschaft Blake (2)

Season 4

Season 4 witnessed the erste change in the show"s coaching lineup, together Christina und CeeLowere replaced with R&BcroonerUsher und Latin popular music starShakira. Thechange an coaches did notfall seem kommen sie cause any type of disturbance weil das the Blake Sheltontrain, i m sorry churned on und landed its der dritte tag consecutiveVoicevictory.Danielle Bradbery, a nation singer indigenous Houston, won die season 4 title, i beg your pardon at ns timemade the 16-year-old the youngest winner inVoice history.

Coaches: AdamLevine, BlakeShelton, Usher, Shakira


Winning Coach: team Blake (3)

Season 5

The 5th seasonsaw the bahn roster return to its original cast. Follow me with die OG cast, team Levine do itsway back to ns top zum the first time due to the fact that Season 1,as Jamaican spirit artist Tessanne Chintook ns crown over team Christina"s Jacquie Lee, performing a beautiful rendition of soul great Whitney Houston"s "I have Nothing."

Coaches: AdamLevine, BlakeShelton, Christina Aguilera,CeeLoGreen


Winning Coach: mannschaft Adam (2)

Season 6

Usher und Shakira made their way back to ns spinning red chairs an season 6. TheConfessionssinger did much more than just return, however: heclaimed his first victory zum Team Usher, coachingJosh Kaufman, aperformer from florida to the crown.At 38, Kaufmanbecame the oldest contestant zu ever winThe Voice. After being dropped by originalcoach Adam Levine, die soul singer was picked upby Usher.

Coaches:AdamLevine, BlakeShelton, Usher, Shakira

Winner:Josh Kaufman

Winning Coach: TeamUsher (1)

Season 7

The saturday season saw two neu additions to the coaches table: N.E.R.D. Frontman and super producer Pharrelland former No Doubt frontwoman turned pop starGwen Stefani. However, it was business as usualfor Shelton,who asserted his 4th win in sixyears thanks to texas country singer craig Wayne Boydover floppy-hairedsinger-songwriter matter McAndrew des Team Adam.

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Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell

Winner:Craig Wayne Boyd

Winning Coach: mannschaft Blake (4)

Season 8

Season eight saw Gwen Stefani replaced über Christina Aguilera, who returned zum the erste time because Season 5. Pharrellnabbed his zuerst victory after having been on the show for only two seasons with folk singer Sawyer Fredericks, that tied Season 4champ DanielleBradberyas die youngest winner von TheVoiceat 16.

Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Christina Aguilera,Pharrell

Winner: Sawyer Fredericks

Winning Coach: team Pharrell(1)

Season 9

Gwen Stefani made her return in season nine, and Team Adam shortened ns gap behind TeamBlake. Gospel singer Jordan schmied carried Adam"s mannschaft to both the top ofThe Voiceand the top von the iTunes charts:Smith became the zuerst contestant in the show"s history toreach No. 1 in sales of pop songs an theiTunes Store.

Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Gwen Stefani,Pharrell

Winner: Jordan Smith

Winning Coach: team Adam (3)

Season 10

Third time was die charm weil das Christina Aguilera, as produziert third return zu the coaching panelsawthe "Fighter" singerwin her erste title as trainer since ns inauguralseason. Previous child stern AlisanPorterperformed an original song in the finale, and a duet versionof "You"ve got A Friend in Me" alongside coach Aguilera.

Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Christina Aguilera,Pharrell

Winner: Alisan Porter

Winning Coach: mannschaft Christina (1)

Season 11

Two neu coaches entered ns fray weil das the eleventh season: soul singer Alicia Keysandpopsensation MileyCyrus. However it would certainly be one of the initial coaches who would take the crown, as team Blake emerged victorious zum the first time because season seven, finishing a four-season dryness with texas country croonerSundance Head"s success over former child prodigy Billy Gilman. Die Season 11 champhad previously showed up on Season 6 of American Idol, however waseliminated nur one hauptsächlich shy making ns Top 12.

Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus

Winner: Sundance Head

Winning Coach: team Blake (5)

Season 12

Gwen Stefani subbed in for Miley Cyrus but it was Alicia keys who would victory as coach in season12. Ns "Raise A Man"singer took home the crown in her 2nd season, helping spirit musicianChris Blue reach the pinnacle over mannschaft Blake"s Lauren Duski.

Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani

Winner: kris Blue

Winning Coach: team Alicia(1)

Season 13

Season 13 featured a roundtable formed über veteran coachesLevine und Shelton, Miley Cyrus,and first-time trainer Jennifer Hudson.After facing elimination bei the earlier rounds, winner ChloeKohanskiwas dropped über coach Miley Cyrus, but was quickly choose up, receiving supplies from Shelton und Hudson. Kohanskieventuallysided v Shelton and together the two to be crowned TheVoicechampions.

Coaches:AdamLevine,BlakeShelton, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson


Winning Coach: team Blake (6)

Season 14

Alicia tricks returned zum the show"s fourteenth season together with a feuer new coach: America"s original Idol kelly Clarkson. Bei her inaugural season, ns pop star and former fact champ speak all die way to victory von coaching 15-year-old Brynn Cartelli, who would walk on zu serve as in opener weil das Clarkson"s Meaning von Life tour.Season 14 was also the zuerst season an the show"s history notfall to feature a member von Team Blake or mannschaft Adam bei the last two.

Coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, kelly Clarkson

Winner: Brynn Cartelli

Winning Coach: Team kelly (1)

Season 15

Fresh turn off her first victory, kelly returned zum anotherseason von welcoming zurück fellow Idol veteran Jennifer Hudson to ns spinning chairs. Die "Since U been Gone" hitmaker"s hot streak continued with produziert second consecutive victory thanks to 16-year-old country singer Chevel Shepherd. Clarkson"s back-to-back victories marked the first time any coach had taken ns crown in consecutive periods since mannschaft Blake"s three-peat back an Seasons 2 with 4. Also for the zuerst time an the show"s history, Season 15 saw die addition of a fifth coach, as Kelsea Ballerini mentored contestants who had actually failed zu turn any kind of chairs an the blinda audition as part des the brand-new Comeback Stage.

Coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, kelly Clarkson, Kelsea Ballerini

Winner: Chevel Shepherd

Winning Coach: Team kelly (2)

Season 16

John Legend took end one of the show’s well known spinning chairs zum Season 16, joining as a first-time trainer after serving together a fight advisor zum Team Adam back bei Season 12. The EGOT winner’s inaugural season led to sweet success as he coached 26-year-old Maelyn Jarmon to victory versus three members of Team Blake bei the finale. Season 16 deshalb saw Bebe Rexha change Kelsea Ballerini together coach des the show’s Comeback Stage. Following Legend’s zuerst win, OG trainer Adam Levine suddenly announced he would be exiting ns series after ~ 16 consecutive seasons -- leave Blake Shelton as the tonnage remaining trainer from ns show’s initial line-up.

Coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, kelly Clarkson, john Legend

Winner: Maelyn Jarmon

Winning Coach: Team john (1)

Season 17

Season 17 marked the erste installment des the competition series without OG coach Adam Levine. Gwen Stefani returned to take his place, and the season was full des cute banter between the popular music star and her now-boyfriend Shelton. Tennessee native jake Hoot ended up being only die second winner (afterChris Blueinseason 12) to have been just a one-chair turn an the blind auditions, giving Clarkson produziert impressive third win.

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Coaches: kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, john Legend, Blake Shelton

Winner: jake Hoot

Winning Coach: Team kelly (3)

Season 18

Season 18 found ns judge"s dashboard shaken nach oben again, through Stefani out and Nick Jonas an alongside Clarkson, Legend und Shelton. Through the zuerst five-artist finale, like virtually everything else on TV, die winter/spring 2020 season ofThe Voice was impacted über the covid19 pandemic lockdown, resulting bei the live shows transforming into far shoots for everyone"s safety. Mississippi native Todd Tilghman, 42, went from gift the zuerst audition aired to ns winner"s one on Shelton"s team, noting Blake"s seventh victory as a coach with ns oldest winner in the show"s history.

Coaches: kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, john Legend, Blake Shelton

Winner: Todd Tilghman

Winning Coach: mannschaft Blake (7)

Season 19

For Season 19, The Voice returned weil das a completely socially-distanced season an the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Tagging out Jonas, Stefani returned zum her 5th season as a coach, und marked herstellung team"s first-ever victory thanks kommen sie Long island native Carter Rubin, who became ns youngest masculine winner bei the show"s history punkt just 15 years old. (He tiedwith previous winner Brynn Cartelli as ns show"s youngest champion ever.)