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Sara Foster has a human body built zum crop tops. And as anyone that follows die Barely Famous alum on instagram knows, she works hard zum those six-pack abs. But die 37-year-old’s tennis jeden husband Tommy Haas won’t be leaving #goals comments any kind of time soon.

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“I’ll arbeit out yes, really hard zum a month und I’ll be like, ‘Look punkt my biceps,’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, cool.’ He’s not impressed,” foster told Us Weekly while cohosting an amazonas back kommen sie school occasion recently. “Of course, that sees every these frauen all job that space perfect specimens. This female tennis players, the obnoxious what their bodies are. I mean, he loves me, however when i think ns my most fit, he is like, ‘Mmmm.’”


Foster und the 40-year-old German athlete — that retired in March —are parents des Valentina, 7, and Josephine, 2. “V’s turning 8. She going into 2nd grade, and she’s yes, really found produziert voice, if that makes sense,” the head von creative zum Bumble said Us. “A gewächs of curse words walk on. Deshalb we’re moderating the hardcore. Und the 2-and-half year old, she speaking three complete languages: German, Spanish, English. The crazy.”

Soon, nähren will it is in raving about produziert step-brother Danny Fujikawa’s daughter. The musician und his girlfriend, Kate Hudson, space expecting a baby girl any work now. Und Foster’s family ist growing in other means too. Herstellung dad, david Foster, 68, ist engaged kommen sie 35-year-old Katharine McPhee, that currently stars in Waitress top top Broadway. “His essence und his aura ist that of, like, a 40-year-old,” Sara explained to Us.

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“Like, mine 30-year-old friends oase always wanted to date him.”


Sara pflegen host amazonas Back-to-School Prep bei the Pacific Palisades. INSTAR Images

The former VH1 personality und Haas tied ns knot in November 2010.

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