How To Fix The "Google Play Store Has Stopped" Error

Here are some of the easiest và most effective fixes when Google Play Services has stopped.

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How to Fix download Pending Error in Google Play App

What Is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services acts as a bridge between the Play Store và the apps installed on your phone by managing various background tasks like push notifications, location access, security services, etc.

Without having a user interface or an ứng dụng icon for the trang chủ screen or ứng dụng drawer, Google Play Services runs in the background và works silently unless something messes with this chip core system software. App android apps rely heavily on Play Services, and any fault in these system services will have an impact on the normal functioning of your phone.

Let’s learn how khổng lồ address this issue, starting with the easiest solution.

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1. Restart Your Phone

If there were a magical potion in the tech world, it would restart a troubled device. That’s how you should begin the troubleshooting process too. Restart your android phone either by turning it off và on or using the Restart option.

The reason this works is that an app or a service might be messing up in Google Play Services. Simply closing the tiện ích wouldn’t bởi vì much, as it could be a background phầm mềm or service. Restarting your phone wipes any crashed applications or errors from its memory, và you may find that Google Play Services works fine after a reboot.

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2. Set the Correct Date and Time

Google advises that you must mix the right date & time on your app android phone in order for different services, such as Google Play Services & Play Store, to work properly. Follow the steps listed below.

Navigate to “Settings → System (General Management) → Date & time” on your phone.Enable the toggle next to lớn “Set automatically” or “Use network-provided time” và “Use network-provided time zone.”