Unterschied xbox one s und xbox one x

At E3 2017, Microsoft released its latest and greatest videos game console. The Xbox One X ist the this firm most an effective console E3 2017: Microsoft Unveils the Xbox One x E3 2017: Microsoft Unveils die Xbox One ns Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One X, which die company explains as “the world’s most an effective console”. Read much more kommen sie date, and the third console in the Xbox One line.

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So what makes die Xbox One x better than its predecessors, die Xbox One S und the original Xbox One? What are die differences that matter?

Availability and Price

The Xbox One x with a 1 TB difficult drive wollen launch on november 7, 2017 in the U.S. It möchte retail zum $499. That’s a clean $100 more than the most expensive Sony console, the PlayStation jeden (our testimonial Sony playstation 4 jeden Review Sony game stations 4 pro Review is the PS4 pro such a large improvement the it’s precious upgrading, or nur a failure experiment? Let’s find out. Read an ext ).

Meanwhile, ns 1 TB Xbox One ns with Gears of war 4 already retails on amazon for $250. Next note: we reviewed the Xbox One Gears of war 4 Limited edition Xbox One s Gears of war 4 Limited ausführung Review Xbox One s Gears of zu sein 4 Limited edition Review ns big key behind ns One S is support zum 4K streaming und Blu-Ray, v HDR in games und movies. Tun können you tell die difference though, and is the worth the upgrade? Read much more console in detail.

The original Xbox One no make viel sense kommen sie buy any kind of more. It’s only really obtainable as a refurbished product native Microsoft, und costs $210. You should rather pay an additional $40 und get the Xbox One S.


Microsoft keeps talk about ns Xbox One ns being die most powerful video game console. What does that actually involve?


Processor — ns Xbox One x has in octa-core custom-made AMD Jaguar processor What carry out “Dual Core” and “Quad Core” Mean? What carry out “Dual Core” and “Quad Core” Mean? this days, many CPUs space dual-core, quad-core, or octo-core. Yet what does that even mean? Here’s every little thing explained. Read more clocked punkt 2.3 GHz. The One S und One had eight-core CPUs too, however clocked weist a much lower 1.75 GHz.RAM — die One ns has 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, much exceeding the 8 GB des DDR3 ram on ns One S und One.GPU — Microsoft hasn’t revealed ns exact chip, but just says the it has 6 teraflops von performance. The Xbox One S und One were roughly 1.4 teraflops by comparison.Storage and Media — the Xbox One X möchte launch v a 1 TB hard drive und a 4K + HDR Blu-Ray drive. Die One S zu sein available with die same Blu-Ray drive, but has warehouse options of 500 GB und 2 TB together well.

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Size and Weight — ns Xbox One X ist the same size as the Xbox One S, while the original Xbox One was viel bulkier. Die One x does weigh die most though. It weighs an at 8.4 pounds, compared zu 6.4 pounds on ns One S und 7.8 pounds on the One.Ports und Connectivity — All ns Xbox consoles have the very same ports und wireless connectivity options, so there isn’t a major difference here.


The biggest selling point of the Xbox One X is how your games wollen look. This is the just Microsoft console which support 4K resolution gaming with HDR (High Dynamic Range). Of course, you’ll need bei HDR 4K TV Should you Buy in HDR 4K TV for Gaming? Should you Buy bei HDR 4K TV for Gaming? v console compatibility with 4K & HDR becoming more common, should sie buy bei HDR 4K television zum gaming yet? Here’s bei overview of how HDR 4K TVs currently arbeit with gaming. Read more zu take advantage des this. Und you’ll so need gamings that assistance 4K HDR.

Meanwhile, ns Xbox One s supported HDR bei games, but not 4K resolution. Ns only place in which ns One s supported 4K was when freundin watched movies or TV shows. Still, HDR renders a big difference, together you can see an this screenshot:


Of course, ns original Xbox One had actually no 4K or HDR support.

Games Catalog

Speaking of games that assistance 4K HDR, Microsoft says you’ll only need zu look weil das games with die Xbox One x Enhanced logo. Some games schutz already announced” support weil das this>, including:

Crackdown 3Assassin’s Creed: OriginsHalo wars 2State des Decay 2Forza Motorsport 7FIFA 18Need for Speed: Payback

That said, die game catalog for all 3 Xbox One consoles remains the same. Every Xbox One game freundin buy kann be played on the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, und Xbox One. However depending on die console, the game might look far better on ns One ns or One ns because des HDR and 4K support.


And yes, every Xbox One consoles assistance backwards compatibility weil das Xbox 360 games. However as a neu addition, they will deshalb support games weil das the original Microsoft Xbox! That way you can play many Xbox und Xbox 360 games on die Xbox One now. Here’s a complete list of the” backwards compatibility game library>.

Movies and Entertainment

In our epic PlayStation 4 Slim vs. Xbox One s PS4 Slim or Xbox One S: ns One question Casual Gamers have to Ask PS4 Slim or Xbox One S: ns One question Casual Gamers need to Ask The neu generation of video game consoles is more affordable than ever before before. Both ns Sony playstations 4 Slim and the Microsoft Xbox One s cost approximately $250, both packaged with one video game each. Which… Read an ext battle, the became quite clean that die Xbox One S zu sein a much better console if sie care around movies und entertainment.

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There no anything new to add with the Xbox One X, because it supports die same 4K ultra HD Blu-Ray requirements Everything freundin Need kommen sie Know About extremistin HD Blu-Ray Everything sie Need to Know About extremistin HD Blu-Ray extremistin HD Blu-ray ist one von the warm topics an home entertainment for 2016. Curious? Here’s everything sie need zu know around it zu decide if it’s worth obtaining excited over. Read much more . And both consoles run the same operating system, deshalb there’s no different there either.

Value zum Money?

The Xbox One ns hasn’t to be released yet, dafür it’s unfair to give a verdict ideal now. Yet ask you yourself this. Wie man you take everything into account, ist the Xbox One ns worth twice die price of the Xbox One S?


Early reviews online say that $500 ist a steep price that will only gain interest indigenous hardcore gamers. Wie man you weigh all die pros and cons, the most distinguishable factor zu sein 4K HDR gaming. Do you think that’s worth paying in extra $200-250 for?

Will freundin be buying ns Xbox One X when it launches bei November? Or wollen you wait it rotates the price drops a little? What do freundin think the ideologen price would certainly be? Tell united state down bei the comments!