These instructions are NOT applicable lớn Flash Player included with Microsoft Edge or internet Explorer on Windows 8 và later or with Google Chrome on all supported operating systems. Please visit the Flash Player Help page for instructions on enabling (or disabling) Flash Player in various browsers.

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If Flash Player is installed on your computer, the following box displays the version of Flash Player và your operating system. If Flash Player is not installed, an error message appears.

The Flash Player uninstaller executes on both the 64-bit and 32-bit version of the Windows operating systems.

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Save the tệp tin in a location where you can find it easily after you restart your computer. For example, save it on your Windows desktop.

Note: khổng lồ uninstall Flash Player beta, use the corresponding Flash Player beta uninstaller available in oered.org Labs.

Look at the taskbar. If the taskbar contains program icons for a browser or for a game that uses Flash, right-click each icon & choose Close. This example shows a browser in the taskbar:

Look at the icons in the system tray for programs that run in the background. Examples include AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and games that use Flash (any tệp tin with a name that ends in .swf). If you see such an icon, right-click the icon and choose Exit, as shown in this example:


Follow the prompts. Click Yes if you see the message "https://oered.org/Do you want lớn allow the following program to lớn make changes to lớn this computer?"https://oered.org/

Follow steps a, b, & c for the following:C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlash %appdata%oered.orgFlash Player %appdata%MacromediaFlash Player

Beginning with Flash Player 11.5, uninstalling the Flash Player resets the AutoUpdateDisable & SilentAutoUpdateEnable settings in mms.cfg khổng lồ their default values, which are:

AutoUpdateDisable=0 SilentAutoUpdateEnable=0

If you are running the Flash Player uninstaller as part of your deployment process, redeploy any custom changes that you have made lớn either AutoUpdateDisable or SilentAutoUpdateEnable.