3 Useful Chrome Extensions For Changing Your Browser User

This extension from iblogbox also has the very important URL sniffer feature, which allows you lớn find all HTTP URLs. Also, if you want to add any additional user-agents or edit their entries, you can bởi vì that too. After installing the extension, the toolbar button will appear in the top-right corner.When you click, a drop-down thực đơn will appear giving you dozens of user-agent choices. Simply click the user agent you want khổng lồ switch to and click “Activate Now!” at the đứng top of the drop-down menu. You can also opt to lớn apply the user-agent switch lớn just the current tab.

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To add another user-agent, go to lớn “Options” and your “User Agent List” will load. Scroll down lớn the bottom of the first section where you’ll find the field to lớn enter a new user-agent. User-patterns and filters can also be applied in the “Options” area.
You can also customize your settings in this extension, as well as export and import them too.

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User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome meanwhile is another extension that brings the ability khổng lồ switch user agents in Chrome. This extension however targets developers instead of the casula user.It offers more advanced features not found in all user-agent switchers, such as the option to set-up specific URLs you know will block you, so the extension can just automatically switch user-agents without you doing a thing.
This extension also modifies JavaScript objects on the page, as well at HTTP requests. After installing the extension, a toolbar button for User Agent Switcher for Chrome will appear in the top-right corner of your browser. Just click the icon to access the menu. The extension offers all the important user-agents too.
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User-Agent Switcher

From ToolShack, this user-agent switch extension also got a healthy 4-star rating from Chrome-users. This extension does everything the above two user-agent switchers vày too; offering you the ability lớn trick a site into thinking you’re using a different browser.
After installing User-Agent Switcher, the toolbar button for this extension is also where the full menu is, with all the various user-agents offered. Just click khổng lồ apply one.User-Agent Switcher also offers a few more quality user-agents, such as user agents for the Kindle, Googlebot & BingBot.The one drawback of this ứng dụng however is the lack of a true Settings menu. Adding new user-agents is possible from the bottom of the drop-down thực đơn though, with a các mục of hundreds of popular user-agents.Check it out: User-Agent Switcher


User-agent switchers are a slick thing to lớn have. While most sites now allow most browsers, there are still a few that still don’t, so having one of these extensions waiting in the wings can never hurt. For developers, also consider the supplemental extension Ripple to use along with a user-agent switcher to lớn emulate various mobile devices.For more information on user-agents, kiểm tra out our post – Chrome Gets User-Agent Switching, Surf the website as IE, Firefox, quả táo or android From within Chrome