Coronavirus: Wacken open Air, Rock am Ring, Rock innerhalb Park, and Bang your Head festivals CANCELLED

Posted von Zenae Zukowski on april 16, 2020


Following yesterday’s Germany ban on major events until august 31st, Wacken offen Air, Rock bei der Ring, Rock in dem Park, und Bang your Head festival have officially been cancelled. We can only assume there möchte be many much more cancellations or postponements top top events und festivals as mass gathering occasions continue kommen sie be in jeopardy until additional notice.

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Read ns full statements below:

Wacken offen Air:

“Dear Metalheads,

yesterday, the German government chose that due kommen sie the covid pandemic, no mass gatherings wollen be permitted until August, 31st 2020. We are facing an unprecented situation in our 30 years: It ist with hefty hearts that we oase to announce that there möchte be no Wacken offen Air this year.

Our whole team has been functioning intensively on die festival these tonnage months und the much more all des us space bitterly disappointed that us are notfall allowed kommen sie celebrate a Wacken offen Air v you. This governmental order affects us heavily and we wollen need some time zu process the wanne news.

Nevertheless, us support the decision von the German government an this complicated situation for the totality world. Her health and safety schutz always been and always möchte be our oberteil priority. We together promoters are because of this bound kommen sie take an even greater responsibility and have zu follow die instructions des the experts.

Concerning Wacken open Air 2021 and options for your currently bought tickets we wollen reach out to you asap yet ask for a little bit of patience whilst we work through this. We give thanks to you for your to trust during times which are unparalleled zum all von us.

Stay healthy – in Metal us Trust!

Your W:O:A Team”

Rock am Ring / Rock innerhalb Park:

“Sold out festivals at ns Ring and Park cancelled early to the ban on significant events until august 31.

In your eventful and moving history, Germany’s most popular open-air festival Rock in Ring und Rock in dem Park schutz already faced an ext than as soon as with unexpected und difficult situations. Now the prohibition of all significant events because of the corona pandemic forced until ehrenvoll 31., ns cancellation von the anniversary events hinweisen Nürburgring and bei Nuremberg.

This alternate decision zu sein of kurse disappointing weil das the organizers und their teams, ns artists and 175.000 fan who wanted to celebrate 35 years des Rock am Ring and 25 years von Rock an the park on the zuerst weekend des June. Nevertheless, producers have full understanding von this inevitable measure in the interests des the safety and health von all concerned, as sad as ns cancellation von the offered out twin festivals is. At die same time, they would like to express gratitude kommen sie the fans for their sustainable support.

Together with the direkte music industry, all really hopes are jetzt focused on die time after the ende of the state von emergency. Die restoration des the anniversary festivals of Rock am Ring und Rock in dem Park zu sein now scheduled zum the second weekend des June 2021

Due to the einzelheiten about ns further processing, every ticket buyers are ausblüten being asked weil das a little patience. The organizers und their teams are working ~ above concrete info about the exact an approach that wollen be announced an the next step. Until then, fan will it is in asked zum understanding.

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Rock bei der Ring – Rock in the Park

June 11.-13., 2021

Save the date!”

Bang her Head Festival:

“Dear friends,

which every passing work it has come to be more und more foreseeable. Now, to your and to our good regret, it zu sein almost certain: ns music festival summer wenn victim to the corona crisis.

As many of you currently know, ns federal governments und the zustand government von Germany agreed yesterday, among other things, that significant events have to be banned until august 31 due kommen sie the corona pandemic. Ns specific regulations, together as die size von the events concerned, are nach oben to die federal states and will follow an extremely soon, yet we currently are very specific that BANG your HEAD !!! and ROCK von AGES will notfall be allowed take ar as planned.

We started kommen sie consider how we could react zu such a advance some time ago and thought around alternative dates und ideas zum our events, but due to ns current situation, we oase to discard this options, too.

So we schutz to i think that ns next BANG her HEAD !!! und the following ROCK des AGES oase to be postponed weil das a whole year, taking place bei 2021. We will contact all agents and bands that are confirmed zum 2020 during die week. Our idea und hope: to be able kommen sie take over ns respective occasion billing as totally as possible into die coming year.

With regard kommen sie specific die info on ns tickets or general conditions zum any turning back transactions, please be geduldig until main regulations from ns legislature are available. Around a week ago, the so-called German “Corona Cabinet” was considering a belang voucher solution kommen sie protect organizers from too serious financial ramifications, but the corresponding decision und details are not yet set. We kindly ask you to wait with inquiries around reverse transactions until die time has come und we kann sein consider all choices thoroughly sufficient – say thanks to you weil das your understanding!

What we already guarantee, however: All tickets purchased for 2020 möchte definitely remain valid for 2021. We would certainly be very glücklich if freundin make use des this regulation, as there’s a an extremely hard time ahead of us (and many other promoters) without the usual ticket sales zum the summer events. The will not be basic to cover our running costs and existing commitments in the upcoming months.

Therefore, we will start with die official pre-sale weil das 2021 as quickly as possible, with details to follow. Anyone who already has a ticket for 2020 and, despite the regulation pointed out above, assignment a ticket weil das 2021, would assistance us an a very particularly way, von course. However, it already helps united state a gewächs if you simply postpone your currently planned visit und celebrate our anniversaries with us just a year later. Together we can make it with these hard times!

Your BANG your HEAD!!! und ROCK of AGES team”

Meanwhile, organizers von Summer Breeze festival are still evaluating the situation:

“Dear fans und friends of SUMMER BREEZE open Air,

of course we are following ns current developments von the corona situation und the latest news such as today’s press conference held von chancellor Merkel. We know these nachrichten are disappointing und upsetting zum some world out there.

We promised you kommen sie be functioning full steam on solutions weil das all feasible scenarios we might face bei the future and deshalb we said that we wollen respect und act on every decisions made über the neighborhood authorities and the health and wellness department.

Today we are simply asking you to grant united state a little more time zu evaluate the neu situation und prepare ourselves kommen sie come rückseitig to you with well-founded die info about her tickets und options.

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We’ll update www.summer-breeze.de/corona with die info as quickly as we schutz more.