oered.org make a commitment zu provide 10 years des product oered.org for fenster 7 when it was released on October 22, 2009. This 10-year duration has jetzt ended, und oered.org has actually discontinued fenstern 7 oered.org so that we kann sein focus our invest on oered.orging newer technologies and great neu experiences. The specific ende of assistance day for fenster 7 was january 14, 2020. Technical assistance und software updates from fenstern Update that aid protect your pc are no longer available weil das the product. oered.org strong recommends that you move to fenstern 10 to avoid a situation where sie need service or assistance that ist no much longer available.

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After januar 14, 2020, pcs running windows 7 no longer receive protection updates. Therefore, it"s crucial that sie upgrade zu a modern operating system such as fenstern 10, which kann provide ns latest protection updates kommen sie help store you and your data safer. In addition, oered.org customer service ist no much longer available zu provide windows 7 technical oered.org. Related dienstleistungen for fenster 7 are deshalb also gift discontinued end time. For example, particular games such as internet Backgammon und Internet Checkers and also Electronic regime Guide for windows Media zentral are scheduled to be discontinued in January 2020.

For most fenstern 7 users, moving to a new device with windows 10 is the recommended course forward. Today"s computers are faster, lightweight yet powerful, and more secure, with in average preis that"s considerably less than that des the mean PC eight years ago. Our Guide kann sein help sie choose a neu PC bei just a few easy steps.

To take advantage von the latest hardware capabilities, us recommend moving kommen sie a new PC with fenstern 10. As in alternative, compatible fenstern 7 PCs kann be upgraded von purchasing and installing a complete version of the software. 

Download the Guide to fenster 10 app to discover if her PC kann sein be upgraded and to compare her options for moving to fenster 10. Get ns Guide to windows 10 app 

*This app is for fenster 7 only

The fenster 10 totally free upgrade offer finished on July 29, 2016. To get windows 10 you möchte need zu either acquisition a new device or, if you oase a compatible PC, acquisition a full version of the software kommen sie upgrade her existing device. Us recommend that you don’t install windows 10 on in older device, as some windows 7 tools are notfall compatible with fenster 10 or might experience decreased feature availability.

If sie continue zu use windows 7 ~ oered.org has actually ended, your pc will blieb work, but it möchte be much more vulnerable zu security risks und viruses. Your PC möchte continue to start und run, but möchte no much longer receive software program updates, consisting of security updates, indigenous oered.org.

Windows 7 can ausblüten be installed und activated after end of oered.org; however, it wollen be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses early to ns lack des security updates. After januar 14, 2020, oered.org strong recommends that sie use windows 10 instead of windows 7.

oered.org zum Internet explorer on a fenstern 7 maker was so discontinued on january 14, 2020. Together a component von Windows, internet Explorer follows ns oered.org lifecycle of the fenster operating system it’s set up on. See Lifecycle FAQ – internet Explorer zum more information.

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We recommend freundin use oered.org Edge. oered.org Edge was built to bring you the best von the web, with an ext control und more privacy as freundin browse. 

oered.org protection Essentials (MSE) wollen continue to receive signature to update after january 14, 2020. However, ns MSE platform zu sein no much longer being updated. Click here kommen sie learn much more about learn an ext about oered.org security Essentials.

If you are using windows as part von a arbeiten environment, we recommend freundin check first with her IT department or see fenster 10 deployment oered.org kommen sie learn more.

Windows weil das embedded gadgets such as ATMs or gas pumps have lifecycle days that periodically differ native versions of fenster that are used on computer devices.

For ns best feasible experience, us recommend law a fresh fasst of your programs und apps on your new windows 10 PC. oered.org Store has actually a variety von third-party apps that kann sein be easily downloaded und installed. On your fenster 10 PC, you tun können open oered.org Store von selecting die icon on the taskbar or von searching zum "oered.org Store" an the search kasten on the taskbar.

For any software not currently available bei oered.org Store, us recommend going to that company"s official website and downloading the fenster 10 ausführung from there. Bei limited circumstances, part older software may notfall have bei updated version that"s compatible with windows 10.

Your experience may be various depending on the Office ausführung you"re running. Zu learn more, see fenster 7 ende of oered.org und Office. It"s necessary to klasse that windows 7 chin no much longer receives defense updates, leaving your machine vulnerable zu security threats. As such, if you"re running oered.org Office on a windows 7 PC, we recommend you move kommen sie a new windows 10 PC.

oered.org for fenstern 7 came to in end on januar 14, 2020. You are receiving notifications together a windows 7 customer zu remind freundin that her device ist no much longer oered.orged and no much longer receiving defense updates. We recommend moving to a new PC with fenstern 10. More info on die notification zu sein available here.

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Stay defended with fenstern 10

Considering a relocate to fenstern 10? Download the overview to windows 10 app zu explore your options zum making ns move and get personalized recommendations for your PC. 

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*This app is for fenster 7 only.



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