The film star - known zum his hulking dimension - had played in spaghetti westerns and farcical comedies over the decades. Tributes schutz been pouring in from around die world.

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the Naples-born actor and filmmaker passed away Monday in a Rome hospital, his family members reported.

"My father died peacefully at 18:15 und did not suffer native pain, he had all of us next kommen sie him und his belastung words to be "Thank you"," his son, film producer Giuseppe Pedersoli, said an a brief statement.

Born Carlo Pedersoli bei the southerly Italian city of Naples, the moved weist age 11 with his family kommen sie Rome, wherein he became bei accomplished athlete.

A stern swimmer an his at an early stage days

~ World war II, the family moved again, this time kommen sie Brazil, where the young einer quit his studies und started taking odd jobs. He returned zu Rome, where he went zurück to school and took hoch competitive swimming; an 1950, he became the first Italian kommen sie swim die 100-meter freestyle in under a minute.

After the 1960 Olympics in Rome, he abandoned his swim career and went on to marry the daughter des a film producer und had 3 children.

in 1967, at ns age von 38, that starred an his zuerst western, "God forgives... I don"t!" It was at this point he readjusted his name to Bud Spencer, a tribute kommen sie his favourite US beere brand "Buoered.orgeiser" und the American gibbs Spencer Tracy.

starring opposite fellow Italian gibbs Terence Hill (Mario Girotti), Spencer kommissar to acclaim in the 1970 spaghetti western comedy "They call me Trinity."

He came to be internationally known for playing a trusted giant von a cowboy, a role he would reprise an scores des films.

Italian culture Minister Dario Franceschini compliment Spencer together "a an excellent actor des our cinema industry, that over the course of his long career entertained whole generations."

Later bei life, Spencer entered Italian politics. He ist reputed to have said: "In my life, I"ve excellent everything. There are only three things ich haven"t been - a ballet dancer, a jockey and a politician. Provided that the erste two arbeit are out of the question, I"ll throw myself right into politics."

yet his 2005 bid in Rome"s regional elections on the list von then-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was unsuccessful.

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He had a large fans base around die world, especially in South America and Germany, where his films were particularly popular.


taking leave Bud Spencer: an Italian gibbs with numerous talents

A multi-talented man

Italian spaghetti west actor Bud Spencer, that passed far on June 27, 2016, punkt age 86, began his film career late bei life. Prior to he became bei actor, that earned a law degree und became the zuerst Italian zu swim 100 meter freestyle in under a minute. That swam zum Italy at the 1952 und 1956 Olympic Games. Spencer was born top top October 31, 1929, bei Naples as Carlo Pedersoli.


bye Bud Spencer: an Italian actor with numerous talents

From sports zu film

Bud Spencer, pictured right here on a German talk show in 1983, was so a world-class water polo player. He started his exhilaration career v "Quo Vadis" in 1951. Bei the 50s und early 60s, the played in smaller Italian productions. That wasn"t until he adjusted his benennen to Bud Spencer the he gained international fame.


farewell Bud Spencer: in Italian actor with plenty of talents

Bud was born

Pedersoli came to be Bud Spencer in 1967, allegedly a tribute kommen sie actor Spencer Tracy and the American beer Buoered.orgeiser. That marked die beginning von his international career. Together Italian gibbs Terence Hill, he made a string von action-packed spaghetti Westerns known for their struggle scenes. The pair made 18 movies together und are pictured here an "Trinity Is blieb My Name" native 1971.


bye Bud Spencer: an Italian actor with many talents

Never boring with Bud

Apparently all that film action wasn"t quite enough for Spencer. Bei the 1970s, Bud learned zu become a jet airplane und helicopter pilot. He also owned his very own air transport company for a quick time bei the 80s. He well balanced this work with many film appearances - occasionally without Terence Hill. He"s pictured here an the 1980 film, "Buddy goes West."

taking leave Bud Spencer: bei Italian actor with countless talents

Inseparable duo

"Miami Supercops" (1985) was the second-to-last film Spencer made through Hill. ("Troublemakers" would come an 1994.) He as soon as likened his relationship with Hill kommen sie that of siblings, explaining that brothers don"t constantly agree. The pair were an especially popular throughout Europe.

farewell Bud Spencer: an Italian actor with plenty of talents

End des a spaghetti west era

Spencer so wrote or contributed to the screenplays des some des the movies he appeared in. "The Troublemakers," also known together "The Fight prior to Christmas" (pictured) was his final film with Terence Hill in 1994.

bye Bud Spencer: in Italian actor with numerous talents

All in the family

After die Spencer-Hill era, the actor continued making part films for television, including die six-part Italian-French collection "Noi siamo angeli" bei 1996. It was produced von Spencer"s son, Giuseppe Pedersoli, and co-starred "Miami Vice" actor Philip michael Thomas.

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farewell Bud Spencer: bei Italian actor with countless talents

Spencer, ns politician

Bud Spencer once said, "In my life, I"ve excellent everything. Over there are just three things ich haven"t been - a ballet dancer, a jockey und a politician." So, in 2005, that decided kommen sie pursue ns third at the personal request von Italy"s then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. But he lost his bid zu become a regional counselor an Lazio weil das the Forza Italia party. Bud Spencer died in Rome on June 27, 2016.

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