Warum Sollte Man Heiraten

The exclusive fishing village on die Italian Riviera ist the perfect wedding location. Kelle dolce vita pure!

Anyone who has ever been kommen sie Portofino knows the it zu sein probably one des the many beautiful point out on earth. Die village ist nestled in a klein bay und can just be guessed indigenous afar. This is what makes this place deswegen special und exclusive. No wonder that many couples dream von living here. Marryinghere. After ~ all, ns fishing village is just oozing through romance.

Du schaust: Warum sollte man heiraten

Here room five an excellent reasons why sie should celebrate her wedding in Portofino.

1. The place zu sein not to be surpassed an exclusivity

Whether Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio or Elton John. In addition to ns rich and beautiful, superstars also spend their holidays in Portofino. They enjoy ns Italian lifestyle on their deluxe yacht, punkt a quick lunch on ns Piazzetta or an the well known noble hotel Belmond Splendido. Zum those who imagine your wedding being really exclusive and fairytale-like, Portofino ist exactly the right place. Because in this it s as beautiful as picture place, wherein one posh boutique follows the next, nothing ist impossible. Die finest food, new fish and champagne en masse are the order of the day. The village was made well known by elizabeth Taylor, who already knew what beauty was in the 1950s!


If you"re lucky, you might also spot mode designer Tommy Hilfiger top top his yacht. Credit: Slim Emcee / Unsplash

2. Ns view is fantastic

Anyone who goes a little further hoch will it is in amazed, because die view from the top of Portofino zu sein unbeatable. Bays through turquoise glittering water, luxury ships, colorful houses und a bloomed flower splendor included. A famous place to get married is the church des San Giorgio. From over there you schutz the ideal view of the small fishing village und can watch die colorful hustle and bustle des the yachts und dinghies.

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3. Romantic places approximately every corner

If you want kommen sie celebrate her wedding v a little more privacy, you should take it a closer look at die monastery kelle Cervara. Ns exclusive building zu sein located in the suburb des Santa Margherita Ligure und is probably one of the most romantic places an the world - return there are a seemingly limitless number of them in Portofino alone. But rückseitig to the monastery: ns property extend over numerous floors and is thus perfect for hosting a truly spectacular wedding. Indigenous a cozy get-together under dreamy vines of trees und flowers, zu a consciousness accompanied von a string orchestra while looking out to the offen sea. What"s also not kommen sie be missed, of course: Italian specialties prefer burrata, prosciutto and Aperol, before sie step one floor up, to ns lavishly collection wedding dinner.


4. Die event wollen be unforgettable

One thing"s for sure: those that celebrate your wedding an Portofino will schutz something kommen sie talk about zum a lang time kommen sie come. After ~ all, it"s notfall every day that freundin find yourself in a hollywood dream come true. The location offers many photo spots und convinces v a magical environment that cannot be surpassed an luxury. But beware: the parking situation an Portofino is a bit complicated. Therefore, it is advisable zu accommodate her wedding guests in a second location und organize shuttles.

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You"ll live off a Portofino wedding zum years to kommen sie - whether you"re the bride und groom or a guest. Credit: juli Kosolapova / Unsplash

5. You kann combine wedding and vacation

If freundin are already bei this bereich of Italy, freundin should also take ns opportunity to explore die breathtaking area. Because an Liguria over there are notfall only countless culinary specialties, but deshalb small towns und cities that sie can"t get sufficient of. Zum example, there is the dream bay of San Fruttuoso, which tun können only be reached by boat - unless you go top top a hike v the relevant nature reserve. Or die dreamy village des Camogli, i beg your pardon has end up being famous for its harbour und the arrangement von the colourful houses. Also, in the direction des Genoa there room numerous klein towns precious visiting. Sori, Bogliasco und Genova Nervi are nur a fraction of what rather awaits you in the Italian Riviera. On ns other side von Portofino are the Cinque Terre. Five coastal villages the are finest explored von train or boat.