Was ist wii u

By any reasonable measurement, ns Wii U was not a effective gaming platform. Nintendo has a lang history von releasing sachen that seem choose crazy ideas but turn out zu be grausam successes, and the Wii U simply isn"t one des them. Among die many problems with ns console, countless Wii owners didn"t even know the Wii U was a separate console till well after it had actually launched. It was a chaos from the start, and when third-party publishers started canceling games, it was clear this console was never going zu succeed.

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Even though there are several amazing things die Wii U got right, Nintendo is moving on. In a couple of weeks there möchte be a new Nintendo console, und if you"re ausblüten a fan of die Wii U, there"s going to be a few sachen about this neu experience sie should know.

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Switch probably won"t change your Wii U


Nintendo"s design for the Wii U was a cool one. This wasn"t just a game system; it was your entire enthauptungen center. Die gamepad was a global remote zum the TV, stereo, Netflix, YouTube, Internet, everything. If freundin wanted kommen sie put the on a TV, Nintendo wanted you to be able kommen sie do that through ns Wii U gamepad. Part parts des this suffer worked better than others, but ns overall vision was impressive at die time.

It was also an entirely distinctive game system, design basically kommen sie recreate die DS portable gaming experience weil das the living room. The smaller display screen gave sie access to sachen that would usually be hidden in menus, so you can glance down punkt it occasionally when playing on ns larger screen. The design allowed zum some distinct gameplay the can"t really be recreated all over else, and it tested Nintendo zu build experiences the are now incredibly popular new games.

The entwurf for switch does notfall make recreating either von these scenarios possible. Switch ist a games-first console; Netflix and YouTube won"t even be available punkt launch, und when they room available, you"ll need a controller bei hand to navigate everything. Switch deshalb can"t recreate dual-screen effects und doesn"t usage discs, dafür backwards compatibility v Wii U content is practically impossible and won"t it is in happening any time soon if a digital auswahl becomes available hinweisen all.

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For some Wii U owners, this method there wollen need zu be room on the enthauptungen center zum both consoles. If the new Legend des Zelda game ist going to be available weil das both consoles, Splatoon 2 wollen be a Switch only title and will push a lot of active Wii U owners kommen sie move if castle don"t currently own both.

Switch is taking some Wii U ideas and improving lock dramatically


One of the coolest features des the Wii U together a parent ist the ability zu share ns living room through my kids. If castle are in the middle von a movie und I want zu get an a couple of laps with mario Kart, I kann sein pick up ns Wii U gamepad und play without interrupting them hinweisen all. If I"m in the middle von a large fight in Kingdom Hearts, they know they kann grab die gamepad und start nach oben Skylanders sitting best next to me. Die ability to use the Wii U without the television has actually been one von its the strongest features weil das a last of families, und Nintendo clearly gets that through Switch.

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Nintendo move allows ns entire experience kommen sie travel, and that"s going zu be a powerful idea relocating forward.

In fact, Nintendo has taken this ideas much further with the new entwurf of this console. It means Switch tun können come v us an the car weil das long drives. It method siblings tun können play together without having kommen sie argue over who gets kommen sie use die gamepad and who has zu use a regular controller. It way Switch owners tun können play v each various other without needing kommen sie be connected to a separate Wi-Fi network. There"s a ton of potential here.

Nintendo"s initial idea with die Wii U was exceptional, but restricted to die living room. As shortly as ns gamepad lost the wireless connection with ns console, every little thing stopped because die console was where every the power existed. Nintendo switch allows the entire experience zu travel, und that"s going kommen sie be a an effective idea relocating forward.

So what happens next?


The saddest teil about being a Wii U owner ist knowing over there aren"t a gewächs of us out there to begin with. Plain and simple, Nintendo is going zu sell more Switch consoles, and they"re going zu do the quickly, presume they tun können keep trost with demand. Nintendo has currently decided to stop do games for the Wii U, und there isn"t a last of third-party assistance left as it is.

If freundin own a Wii U and are blieb regularly making use of it, store a hold des it zum a while. Enjoy it when everything ausblüten works, and get ready zum things choose Miiverse to geschlossen down and new online Console games to only kommen sie to Switch. Nintendo ist likely to maintain Wii U assistance until things like Super mario Maker are moved kommen sie Switch.

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Or, you could set it next now und get ready to dive fully into Switch. There"re a last of an excellent experiences coming kommen sie Switch, und if you"ve been a fan of the Wii U zum a while, you can set that aside knowing you got some an excellent use out of it.