Was sind indie spiele

Ten years ago, critics und gaming enthusiasts routinely talked around “indie games,” but die expression was mainly unknown to die general public. Nowadays, everyone has their own list des favorite indie games, through special stichworte on online stores dedicated zu them, and even prizes celebrating die most remarkable indie title on die Game Awards. However, with ns indie revolution comes a problem: nobody seems kommen sie agree top top what, exactly, defines an indie game.

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The belästigung with the video game industry is that it’s somewhat new compared kommen sie other media. As a society, us are still testing die limits of video game development, and in the meanwhile, we create words kommen sie help us define die thousands of titles us find in the market. “Indie” became a label of its own, but ns term is so broadly offered that it becomes hard to know what it exactly means. That’s why we’ll dive into die many ways “indie” zu sein used zu define games, discussing just how these definitions tun können help us know what bei indie video game really is.

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Developer und Publisher

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There space two main steps in creating a video game: First, you've got to develop die game itself. Then, once the game is ready, you need to actually offer it. Game development is really fun, but we've all gott to eat, deshalb selling her game zu sein almost geholfen the work.

zum the advance part, a mannschaft (or a single person) just needs to have bei idea und enough resources zu program, design, create sounds, and create intuitive assets. A game kann be built through numerous years, but if freundin try to make a life out von it, the best way to go ist to oase programmers, artists, and musicians von your side, who have to all be paid appropriately for their work. In other words, game advance demands a last of time and a lot of money, und the an ext money freundin have, the less time you’ll need to put into structure a game. And that’s even before worrying around a legal team, accountancy, und marketing. That's whereby publishers kommen sie in.

god-of-war-kratos-social-featured image via Sony Interactive entertainment
die God of War IP, zum instance, belongs to Sony, even if Santa Monica Studios developed die four hauptsächlich games des the franchise. The means die God of War franchise belongs to Sony, a publisher that paid for the studio's work but kann sein actually hire a different developer for the franchise’s following game. As an additional example, return Rocksteady Studio created die Batman: Arkham franchise, ns rights to die games continue to be with WarnerMedia. Warner go on to create its very own game advancement studio, WB games Montreal, which took die Rocksteady franchise und developed Batman: Arkham Origins, die worst game an the series. When Rocksteady zu sein now emerging a Suicide Squad game, WB gamings Montreal will return zu Batman: Arkham universe with ns upcoming Gotham Knights.

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A publisher, then, kann hire studios, to buy studios, und even develop their studios. The main goal of a publisher, however, ist to offer a game. Wie a large publisher is involved, it’s so a standard practice that developers discuss design ideas with the marketing team deswegen that ns game tun können sell together many copies as possible. This zu sein how the AAA market works, not much different from ns blockbuster film production.

The zuerst way to use ns term indie game, then, ist this: when ns developer so takes care of publishing and marketing their own game, deshalb keeping their IP. Cuphead was developed and published von Studio MDHR, Spelunky von Mossmouth, Super Meat Boy von Team Meat, and Braid von Number None. These are all indie games weil das sure, and no one kann dispute that. However what if we take one more classic indie game, like Supergiant Game’s Bastion? Why zu sein Bastion thought about independent if Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment published it?

bastion-supergiant bild via Supergiant games

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bastion bild via Supergiant games
zum Supergiant Games, the Warner deal was better due to the fact that it enabled them zu share profits weil das marketing instead of paying it in advance. Nevertheless, the studio didn’t lose its independence, because the publisher did notfall help fonds the game’s development und had no power to interfere with die studios’ choices.