We Got Married

On May 6, the final official episode of “We Got Married” aired the goodbye scenes of the current couples Lee Guk Joo & Sleepy, Gong Myung & Jung Hye Sung, as well as Choi Min Yong & Jang bởi Yeon. Although this was the last regular episode, a special episode of the Choi Min Yong and Jang Dong Yeon couple is scheduled to air the following week.

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Jung Hye Sung và Gong Myung delivered wedding favor gifts lớn the celebrity friends who sent them congratulatory messages on the day of their Jeju Island wedding ceremony. They met one on one with actress Kim Sae Ron, actor & 5urprise thành viên Lee Tae Hwan, CNBLUE’S Lee Jong Hyun, và B1A4’s Jinyoung to give them gifts of bakery treats and craft beer the couple had made themselves.

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Unable to keep from teasing a little, Jung Hye Sung và Gong Myung convinced Lee Jong Hyun và Jinyoung lớn perform for them before the couple handed over the gift they had prepared. Both singers fulfilled the couple’s request, và in the end Jung Hye Sung expressed that though she và Gong Myung had gone khổng lồ give gifts, “Instead, it was a day I ended up feeling thankful.”

Afterward, Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung enjoyed a thắm thiết date on the Han River. Afloat in a small, round leisure boat, the couple watched the movie “500 Days of Summer” together. As it was their last time filming together, the two were more loving & affectionate with each other, and they reflected on how their meeting và interactions really seemed fated.

Sleepy và Lee Guk Joo continued their honeymoon in japan with a train trip to lớn a quaint village in the countryside. Sleepy planned this trip full of romance & character just for Lee Guk Joo, và he succeeded in creating an experience she truly enjoyed.

The two started their sightseeing by snacking on all of the delicious food they spotted around them. Afterward, they created memories together doing different activities, such as picking small figurines of their Chinese zodiac sign to lớn discover their fortunes for the year & a shooting gallery trò chơi where the couple used their teamwork to lớn win many snacks.

During her interview, Lee Guk Joo expressed her joy and thankfulness about the trip as she said of Sleepy, “Either it was a good time because we have the same tastes in activities, or was just being really considerate of my interests.” At the kết thúc of the trip, Sleepy và Lee Guk Joo wrote heartfelt messages on postcards, which they then mailed to each other to lớn receive in Korea.

Choi Min Yong và Jang vị Yeon decided to lớn spend their afternoon out on the water. Khổng lồ show his gratitude khổng lồ Jang vị Yeon for preparing a birthday lunch for him, Choi Min Yong decided lớn take Jang vì chưng Yeon on a “boat drive” out on the water. As Choi Min Yong steered, the couple were able lớn spend time on the boat together alone.

The couple was all smiles during their date on the water and truly appeared to lớn enjoy each other’s company. Choi Min Yong gave Jang vị Yeon a steering lesson, and she shared in her interview how much she appreciated him giving her a new experience. At one point, Choi Min Yong caught Jang vị Yeon as she lost her balance on the rocking boat. He playfully turned the moment into an opportunity to dance with her out of the blue, causing her lớn break out into laughter.

Although the couple was unable khổng lồ catch any fish while out on the water, Choi Min Yong prepared a special sushi platter for Jang do Yeon—taking special care with the presentation of the meal.

“We Got Married” first started with season one in 2008 và remained on air for the next 10 years. With its unique concept of a virtual marriage, the show quickly gained popularity, and at times even attracted controversy. Staying on air for a decade, however, means it was a show that received a lot of love, making it all the more bittersweet lớn witness the end of this season & the show’s subsequent break. It is reported, however, that the show will eventually return with a new season.

Catch the final episode of the fourth season of “We Got Married” on Viki below!