Wer Waren Die Erste Facebook User


In the fall of 2003, harvard seniors Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra were on die lookout for a web developer who can bring kommen sie life bei idea ns three to speak Divya zuerst had bei 2002: a social network for Harvard students und alumni. Ns site was kommen sie be referred to as HarvardConnections.com.

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The three had actually been payment Victor Gao, another harvard student, to do coding zum the site, however at the beginning of the fall term Victor begged off the project. Victor suggested his own replacement: mark Zuckerberg, a harvard sophomore indigenous Dobbs Ferry, new York.

Back then, unterschrift was recognized at harvard as the sophomore who had developed Facemash, a "Hot Or Not" clone weil das Harvard. Facemash had currently made unterschrift a bit of a celebrity top top campus, for two reasons.

The zuerst is that mark got bei trouble weil das creating it. The way the site worked was that it pulled photos of harvard students off of Harvard"s internet sites. That rearranged this photos so that wie people checked out Facemash.com castle would lakers pictures des two harvard students and be asked kommen sie vote on which was more attractive. The site so maintained a perform of harvard students, ranked by attractiveness.

The 2nd reason anyone at harvard knew around Facemash und Mark Zuckerberg was that Facemash had been in instant hit. Ns same Harvard Crimson story reports the after 2 weeks, "the site had actually been visited über 450 people, who voted hinweisen least 22,000 times." that means the average visitor vote 48 times.

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It was weil das this ability kommen sie build a wildly famous site the Victor Gao erste recommended unterschrift to Cameron, Tyler, und Divya. Marketed on Mark, the harvard Connection trio reached out to him. Mark agreed kommen sie meet.

They zuerst met in in early evening in late November bei the dining room of harvard College"s Kirkland House. Cameron, Tyler, and Divya brought trost their idea zum Harvard Connection, und described your plans zu A) build ns site zum Harvard student only, von requiring new users to register through Harvard.edu e-mails addresses, and B) expand harvard Connection beyond harvard to schools around the country. Markierung reportedly showed enthusiastic interest an the project.

Later the night, unterschrift wrote in email to the Winklevoss brothers and Divya: "I read over all die stuff sie sent und it seems prefer it shouldn"t take too lang to implement, deswegen we tun können talk around that after i get all the fundamental functionality trost tomorrow night."

The next day, top top December 1, unterschrift sent another e-mails to die HarvardConnections team. Part des it read, "I put together one of the two registration pages so I oase everything working on my system now. I"ll keep sie posted as i patch stuff up and it starts kommen sie become completely functional."

These two email sounded like die words des someone who was eager kommen sie be a part des the team and working away on ns project. A few days later, however, Mark"s email to die HarvardConnection mannschaft started zu change in tone. Specifics they walk from someone who seemed to be hard hinweisen work building the product zu someone who was so busy v schoolwork the he had no time kommen sie do any type of coding weist all.December 4: "Sorry i was unreachable tonight. I just got about three of your to let go calls. I was functioning on a belästigung set."December 10: "The week has been pretty busy hence far, deswegen I haven"t acquired a gelegenheit to do much work on the site or also think around it really, dafür I think it"s most likely best zu postpone meeting until we schutz more to discuss. I"m so really liven tomorrow so I don"t think I"d be able kommen sie meet climate anyway."A woche later: "Sorry I have not to be reachable weil das the past couple of days. I"ve usually been an the lab the whole time functioning on a cs belästigung set i m sorry I"m still not finished with."

Finally, on january 8:

Sorry it"s taken a while weil das me to get back to you. I"m fully swamped with work this week. I schutz three programming projects and a final paper due von Monday, as well as a couple of belästigt sets due Friday. I"ll it is in available to discuss die site again starting Tuesday.I"m ausblüten a little skeptical that we have enough functionality an the site zu really draw the attention and gain die critical fixed necessary to get a site prefer this kommen sie run…Anyhow, we"ll talk about it once i get every little thing else done.

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So what happened to change Mark"s tune around HarvardConnection? was he deswegen swamped with arbeiten that he was unable kommen sie finish die project? Or, as the HarvardConnection founders schutz alleged, was he stalling die development of HarvardConnection deshalb that he could build a contending site and launch it first?Our ermittlung suggests ns latter.As a part des the lawsuit against Facebook und Mark Zuckerberg, ns above e-mails from Mark schutz been public zum years. What has never been revealed publicly ist what unterschrift was informing his friends, parents, und closest confidants at the same time.Let"s anfang with a December 7th (IM) austausch Mark Zuckerberg had with his harvard classmate und Facebook cofounder, eduardo Saverin.