Question :i"ve to be wondering i beg your pardon one of them the sounds more natural, weist least prefer a aboriginal speaker would certainly use.

Du schaust: What do you mean with



As a basic question, "What do you mean über that?" ist grammatical und idiomatic und means "Please explain ns meaning des (or possibly justify) your previous statement much more fully".

On the other hand, "What do sie mean with that?" as a question von itself is completely unidiomatic, und would never be said von a native speaker.


"What do you mean through that" can be grammar (in typical English) if it zu sein a question around quoted speech:

What do freundin mean, "with that"? with what?


What do you mean through that?

is avoided von speakers. A google n-gram comparison pf "do freundin mean through that" matches "do sie mean über that" provides some evidence that "do you mean v that" zu sein very rare. Furthermore, the doesn"t average anything different and can be replaced über "what do sie mean von that".

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It"s rare enough that those that don"t use it und haven"t heard it wollen regard it together wrong or together some local dialect, and if a non-native speaker uses it, it wollen be seen as a non-native mistake.

Note also that some von the matches for "do you mean through that" incorporate sentences having forms such as "Which mar are you going with? Do you mean, with that mädchen from across the street?" which ist not what we"re interested in. In "n-gram" is just a string of words.

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