tones des grey; "pepper und salt"

This non-scratching wool has a silky lustre and a smooth surface.

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For technical reasons it can be that with this top quality there may be one knot which does still reach our high quality standards.



Quality:Pure 100% wool, superwash merino (30 degrees Celsius an the washing machine) hand-dyed
Weight von skein:150g
Length:100g = 350m / 383 yds
Needle Size:2mm – 2,5mm

Wollmeise GmbH

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Shipping Policy

The goods are delivered worldwide.No products may be dispatched to the following international islands: No

Shipping costs(incl. Statutory VAT)Delivery in ~ Germany:We calculate the shipping prices forshipping load (shipping weight des product + weight des packaging):Shipments up zu 2.000g = 5,30 €Shipments up zu 5.000g = 7.30 €Shipments up zu 8.000g = 8.30 €

Shipping abroad:

Please klasse that due to the covid19 situation, there may be substantial delays bei delivery von the shipping dienstleistungen provider.

Unfortunately, shipment verfolgung is deshalb affected. Countless shipments space no longer recorded or registered en route.

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We calculate shipping abroad zum shipping weight(shipping weight von product + weight des packaging):

Europe (Member states ofEU):

Shipmentsup to500g=7,90 €Shipmentsup to1.000g= 11,90 €Shipmentsup to2.000g= 20,90 €Shipmentsup to5.000g= 23,90 €Shipmentsup to10.000g= 29,90 €

Europe (European States, no Member von EU):

Shipmentsup to500g=7,90 €Shipmentsup to1.000g= 11,90 €Shipmentsup to2.000g= 20,90 €Shipmentsup to5.000g= 39,90 €Shipmentsup to10.000g= 45,90 €

Worldwide:(Egypt, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, populated Palestinian Territory,St. Pierre und Miquelon (France), Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, USA)

Shipmentsup to500g=7,90 €Shipmentsup to1.000g= 11,90 €Shipmentsup to2.000g= 20,90 €Shipmentsup to5.000g= 46,90 €Shipmentsup to10.000g= 59,90 €

Worldwide:(all other countries)

Shipmentsup to500g=7,90 €Shipmentsup to1.000g= 11,90 €Shipmentsup to2.000g= 20,90 €Shipmentsup to5.000g= 53,90 €Shipmentsup to10.000g= 73,90 €

Delivery times

As far as in the product description von any other duration specified, delivery of the goods takes place an Germany within 3 - 5 days for international deliveries within 10-14 days. Die delivery duration begins after ~ receipt von payment.

Please grad that on Sundays und holidays there is no notification.

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Terms of payment

Our payment methods viaPaypal Plus:

Paypal, straight debit, invoice und credit card all run viaPaypal Plus. Her advantage: No matter how freundin pay, everything runs throughPaypal Plus, also without in account. Bei any case, withPaypal Plusyou tun können enjoy the protection of the buyer, not only with die payment method PayPal, but also when paying von invoice or credit card.