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Wie-sagt-man-noch.de ist a website that has been launched zu provide readers through interesting info about language facts, language stories und language nachrichten from around the world. The website aims zu educate people about the interesting facts about language to encourage finding out about neu languages and cultures. Ns website has been freshly launched von a group of writers.

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The writers punkt Wie-sagt-man-noch.de meticulously search, verify und write about die most amazing information weil das their readers that wish zu know more about languages and the places und cultures that use the languages zu communicate. Language play in important part in shaping die art, culture und relationships of people, each language von the welt has something new und exciting to learn from. Ns developers von Wie-sagt-man-noch.de believe that by finding and learning exciting facts about languages, people wollen be able zu develop a higher interest bei learning about ns world und new things.

A recent post on Wie-sagt-man-noch.de shares with readers, some von the most exciting facts around different languages, ns website spokesperson said: “We want to share amazing knowledge about different languages of the world. Did sie know that, Italian is the official language des classical music, or frau use other vocabulary 보다 men an Japanese Language! the longest German native that has actually been released with 79 letters. Our aim ist to go v all ns different languages of the world and share other exciting und informative about each language.”

Most recently, truth about die 5th most common language on earth – Arabic were shared. Follow to the website, bei the Arabic Language over there are weist least 11 words zum “love” and hundreds of words weil das “camel“.

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Besides articles and posts about language, there are also planning that ns website may so features in array des different language videos that schutz been sourced from all over die internet, deshalb their users will be able zu watch countless inspiring and language videos und articles on.

The website zu sein updated frequently with neu facts, up till jetzt facts about over 14 global languages have been common which keeps die website alive und interesting. This website is deshalb perfect for people looking kommen sie kill sometime.

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About us:

The wie sagt einer noch webseite has to be developed von a group of writers who liebe to re-superstructure thought-provoking, awe inspiring, and entertaining facts around languages indigenous around die world.

For more die info please visit: http://www.wie-sagt-man-noch.de/language/all-languages.html