Win 7 Kein Update Möglich

fenstern 7 updates may not run after a clean installation of windows 7 with dienstleistungen Pack 1

Summary: fenstern 7 update may notfall run after ~ a clean montage of fenstern 7 with service Pack 1See less windows 7 to update may not run after ~ a clean fasst of fenstern 7 with service Pack 1

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Microsoft has made alters to fenster Update that call for updated materials that are not bei the recovery image (this kann cause windows Updates zu take hrs or days to work, if weist all).

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Summary: "Windows 7 SP1 - How to install fenster Updates quickly on a fresh image".

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How zu install frühen zeitpunkt needed fenstern 7 SP1 Updates after a re-image (takes approximately 30 minutes)

These instructions should make the installation and update experience for fenster 7 service Pack 1 (SP1) faster und easier.

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NOTE: Your internet connection speed will be ns determining factor in how in der nähe des these update download. Slow internet connections may have dramatically slow download und install times.
NOTE: If BitLocker journey Encryption is enabled on the hard drive, it zu sein recommended sie suspend BitLocker on ns hard drive prior to performing ns manual windows updates below. Kommen sie suspend BitLocker, follow the steps below: Click Start Go zu Control dashboard > System and Security > BitLocker drive Encryption choose Suspend Protection (you might be prompted to select Yes zu confirm) when the fenstern updates are mounted successfully, return to Control dashboard > System und Security > BitLocker journey Encryption und choose Resume Protection kommen sie re-enable BitLocker on the hard drive.
Disable windows Updates by going kommen sie Control Panel, Windows Update, then Select never ever check zum updates under "Important Updates", then Click die OK Button und confirm any kind of User access Control (UAC) prompts. (See figure 1.)
Figure 1. - transforming the fenster update settings. Restart the system. Restart the system. Restart the system. Restart the system. Go rückseitig to Windows Update und turn on automatic updates von going to Control Panel, windows Updates Select download updates immediately under "Important Updates" (It möchte take up kommen sie 10 minute to display die next set von updates). Lakers (Figure 2.)
Figure 2. - Re-enabling windows Update default settings Download die remaining necessary updates & restart the system if required. (See number 3.)
Figure 3. - Download and install remaining windows updates

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