Windows 7 update ende

There’s a last of misinformation around Win7 end-of-life bouncing around ns blogosphere. While the last free official Win7/Server 2008 R2 patch appeared yesterday, there’s more to the story. No need kommen sie go to run to ns nearest soothsayer through your wallet open, in spite von what freundin may have read.


No, freundin don’t need zu install the latest Win7 patches best away.

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No, Microsoft isn’t withdrawing its unofficialize nod-and-a-wink free upgrade native Win7 kommen sie Win10. Hinweisen least, not right away.

No, the alt Win7 patches aren’t disappearing.

No, your internet Service Provider i will not ~ kick freundin off your network zum using Win7.

No, we don’t recognize if Microsoft wollen release any more free security patches for windows 7. Lock did zum XP when WannaCry appeared, year after XP went end-of-life, yet past performance isn’t have to indicative des future results.

No, running Win7 ~ Jan. 14 doesn’t “put company and staff data at risk, as well as that of suppliers, partners, und customers, since security patches will no much longer be available.”

No, your Win7 computer system won’t be pwned von the bad guys any kind of time soon, if you exercise even a modicum of common sense.

No, Office 2010 won’t avoid working ~ above Win7. In fact, it’ll keep getting patches (on bei unpatched Win7!) till Oct. 13.

No, Microsoft defense Essentials won’t acquire updated. Freundin need kommen sie move kommen sie a different antivirus. 


Yes, sie need kommen sie stop using internet Explorer. But sie likely made that switch years ago.

Yes, you can buy official Win7 defense patches – authorize up for the prolonged Security update – yet the first year prices $61 per system and you have to jump through a gewächs of hoops (see Gregg Keizer’s Last-minute answer about fenstern 7"s post-retirement patches and Susan Bradley’s searching for bei elusive Win7 ESU license, paywalled). 

Yes, there are different ways to patch Win7.

Yes, if freundin tell ns full-page “Your windows 7 PC is out of support” advertisement – ns screenshot over – to go away (“Don’t remind me again”), it really does walk away. Weist least zum now.

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Yes, all von your significant software – notably including all major browsers – wollen continue zu work with Win7, punkt least in the brief term. Turbotax won’t arbeit next year, yet that’s their problem, and it works fine this year weil das tax year 2019.

Yes, the new "Chredge" version of Edge wollen run top top Win7. Nobody to know how lang MS wollen continue zu support it.

Yes, suppose a last more annoying, insanity inaccurate Win7 misinformation from countless quarters.

That should cover about 90% des the drivel at this time being bandied about regarding fenstern 7.

Here’s what Microsoft states about the Jan. 14 end-of-life:

Microsoft do a commitment kommen sie provide 10 years of product assistance for fenstern 7 when it was released ~ above October 22, 2009. This 10-year period has now ended, and Microsoft has actually discontinued fenstern 7 support dafür that we kann focus our investment on supporting newer technologies and great new experiences. Die specific ende of assistance day for windows 7 was januar 14, 2020. Technological assistance and software updates from fenstern Update that help protect your computer are no longer available zum the product. Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to fenstern 10 kommen sie avoid a situation where sie need dienstleistungen or support that zu sein no longer available.

Gag me v a RAMDAC. Microsoft hasn’t detailed technical assistance for Win7, officially, since januar 2015. Und the belastung time we had actually a valuable Win7 software update was… a decade ago? sure feels prefer it. Dienstleistungen Pack 1 was released on Feb. 22, 2011.

Just since we won’t get complimentary security patches in February doesn’t mean you should stampede zu get the january patches mounted now. Nothing’s walking away. Your files are blieb where sie left them. Chillax.

Back in 2018, over on AskWoody, we began looking weist a Win7 main patch alternative called 0patch. They’ve been “micro-patching” windows – unleashing specific, narrowly focused fixes for fenstern vulnerabilities – because 2016. Mitja Kolsek, CEO des Acros Security and co-founder des 0patch says:

We suppose the zuerst micropatches will be issued at some time after the February job Tuesday, after ~ we oase reviewed what was patched an Windows 7 ESU, und whether any kind of other vulns can affect fenster 7 / windows Server 2008 R2. 

There are alternatives.

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And finally, Yes, sie should move kommen sie something other than Win7. Eventually.

We take 7 Semper Fi serious on See Susan Bradley’s no-bull FAQ. And Thx