Windows 8.1 start button ändern


Use CustomizerGod. Fenster 8.1 anfang Button Changer is obsolete, will no much longer be updated and can cause problems. CustomizerGod is way an ext stable, fast und safe.

Du schaust: Windows 8.1 start button ändern

Windows 8.1 anfang Button Changer ist a freeware native which lets you easily readjust the anfang button an Windows 8.1.

Download windows 8.1 anfang Button Changer

Apps from space truly free und DON"T include any kind of offers zu install 3rd-party apps/adware/toolbars/unwanted software and never will. Ns apps room portable and don"t require installation.

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How to use:

Download and run ns app.


Click die Change button.


Browse and select the bild which you want zu display as the new anfang button. The app will immediately resize ns image weil das you deshalb it is not necessary for the bild to be des specific dimensions. You kann get anfang buttons here.

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Note that a anfang orb bitmap make for fenster 7 won"t arbeit here. Windows 7 anfang orb bitmaps save images for the default, hover and pressed state bei one bild but in Windows 8.1, ns default und hover/pressed images are save on computer separately. If freundin want kommen sie convert a fenstern 7 anfang orb weil das use in Windows 8.1, use: fenstern 7 To windows 8.1 anfang Button Converter


Click Open. Fenstern Explorer will restart automatically and the new start button wollen be displayed.


To revert to die original anfang button, click ns Restore button.


Right-clicking ns Change taste will carry out you the options zu change only die default image or only die mask bild (hover and pressed).


Download fenster 8.1 anfang Button Changer

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Download apps Bundle app Bundle gives you access zu all ns latest apps released from an one download.

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