Despite that age, fenstern XP is useful kommen sie have in your the lab, zum instance if sie need to sie wurden getestet with older software or study malware. Microsoft distributes a fenster XP virtual machine called fenster XP Mode, i m sorry you can download if you’re running fenstern 7, as ich explained earlier.

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If you’re using fenstern 8 or 8.1, sie can still get the fenster XP virtual machine, yet it requires a bit an ext work. The initial steps listed below are based on die instructions recorded on die Redmond Pie blog.

First, download windows XP mode from Microsoft. You will do it need zu go through the validation wizard kommen sie confirm you’re running a license is granted copy of Windows. Though designed kommen sie look for fenster 7, it appears kommen sie accept fenster 8.1 as well. After ns validation completes, you will do it able kommen sie download the fenstern XP Mode passend zu file.


Once did you do it downloaded the fenstern XP Mode montage file, don’t operation it. Instead, explore its contents using a decompressing utility such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. Inside that file, walk into ns “sources” directory and extract die file called “xpm”.


The paper “xpm” zu sein another compressed archive, whose components you can navigate making use of a device such as 7-Zip. Extract from ns “xpm” archive ns file dubbed “VirtualXPVHD” und rename it zu something favor “VirtualXP.vhd”.


This VHD record represents die virtual difficult disk of the windows XP system. You tun können use VirtualBox to create a virtual maker out von it. Kommen sie do this, use the VirtualBox wizard weil das creating a neu virtual machine and select “Use in existing virtual tough drive file” wie man prompted.

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To produce a VMware virtual device out des the VHD record you’ll erste need to convert it to the VMDK format, i m sorry VMware uses to represent virtual disks. Ns most convenient way kommen sie do this can be to use WinImage. If complying with this approach, pick “Convert Virtual hard Disk image…” from the Disk menu bei WinImage, then choose “Create Dynamically broadening Virtual difficult Disk”. When prompted to save the file, select die VMware VMDK format and name ns output file something choose “VirtualXP.vmdk”.


Once the VMDK paper has been saved, you can create a VMware virtual maker out of it über using VMware Workstation. Go zu File > new Virtual Machine. Pick “Custom (advanced)” when prompted for the configuration type. Expropriate defaults as sie navigate through ns wizard. Wie man prompted kommen sie select a disk, choose “Use in existing virtual disk” und point die tool to the VirtualXP.vmdk file.


Once ns VMware virtual device has been created, start it, climate go v the fenster XP setup wizard in ~ the neu virtual machine the same way you would execute it weil das a regular fenster XP system. After fenstern XP setup ist done, download VMware tools right into the fenster XP virtual device you nur created. Take it a snapshot of your online machine, an case it breaks.


Windows XP set up into the virtual machine bei that manner might need zu be activated with Microsoft in ~ 30 days des the installation. Be sure kommen sie understand and comply with die applicable software licensing agreements.

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