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status report zum November 2021: services und apps on fenster 10 mobile

Published by Steve Litchfield weist 8:46 UTC, november 9th 2021

Here, zum November 2021, six weeks after ns previous update, zu sein the refreshed/latest news and comment ~ above applications and services on fenstern 10 mobile - the OS itself has jetzt had the very belastung security update, but it blieb works on the whole. This feature möchte summarise what"s broken and what"s not, together with workarounds wherein possible. Details and links have all to be updated throughout. Grad that I"ve kept die URL die same, so the last year von comments space all still here.

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Post the final OS updateby a full yearwe"re bei a declining phase of the OS, wherein most von the ingredient that ever before worked ausblüten works (and zu sein supported), but dinge are definitely jetzt falling off die edges, as it were. Which method that it"s hard kommen sie keep track of it all - hence the table below, i beg your pardon I"ll store updated every month.

Note that some dates are approximate, due to the fact that even we punkt AAWP can"t see into ns future through certainty! I"ve color coded table cells, with pale red weil das "on die way out, v workarounds und caveats", through progressively dark shades, and red for "no hope!"...

Microsoft services
Security updatesThe tonnage update was an January 2020 - and was for the newest 1709 branch. Theoretically, ns OS is now "vulnerable", though bei practice windows 10 Mobile is now battle hardenedand also an completely miniscule target for attackers, deshalb the lack des updates won"t actually be bei issue. I"d suggest that lack of support also means that people punkt Microsoft won"t be testing services against windows 10 Mobile any more, but we all recognize that they haven"t to be doing this zum some time, sadly.
Firmware rebuildsIf something goes horribly wrong and you require a fresh anfang then there space a couple von PC-based utilities to help the end (WDRT - seen the patch, plusOTC Updater*), despite they rely on the original call "images" being still available ~ above Microsoft"s servers. Ich can"t imagine the download bandwidth here amounts to much, yet Microsoft will, at some point, shut down these servers, probably because sachen are transforming server-side to accommodate new services und platforms. No ende date ist known, I"d guess, some time in 2021 or beyond. (* There"s a question markierung over OTC Updater, yet here"s the workaround...)

If all else fails, web page likelumiafirmware.comappear to schutz archived all ns device bildern from Microsoft"s servers. Actually flashing lock on zu sein VERY non-trivial, so I"ll conserve a tutorial zum when ns official utilities break! Update: Lumiafirmware ist down, dafür try

Web searching (Edge)

Edge continues to be a proficient browser weil das most plain sites. However its advancement stopped together of windows 10 branch 1703 nearly threeyears ago, effectively, since die 1709 branch"s leaf wasn"t fully rounded out (in terms of leistungen worker and other elevator operation). Which provides it something des a tot end if you"re looking zum more. Third splitter linterparty browsers like monument Browser perform more, though ultimately schutz the very same underlying restrictions for PWAs and some other HTML5-reliant sites. Roughly hilfreich the PWAs the end there work, roughly hilfreich don"t - seen the flow column ~ above AAWP weil das recommendations of the former!

Just as wie Symbian"s net browser was deemed old hat an 2013-2015 due to the fact that web sites and technologies had actually "moved on", ns same is largely true now weil das Edge (in v1709). Pages have grown due to the fact that 2015, web technologies oase evolved, und precisely zero net developers are testing versus such in old (2016 era) browser. C"est kelle vie.

I"m just making the point that Edge was actually quite great wie it launched an Windows 10 cell phone at the time. It"s ns world that has changed...!

Auto-backupsUntil "March 2020", i.e. over 19 months ago! plainly someone weist Microsoft has forgotten kommen sie turn this dienstleistungen off*, which is handy. It"s notfall clear whethermanual backups möchte be feasible after auto-backups do eventually finish. Clock this room - as of today, 9th november 2021, both auto und manual backups arestill working just fine. I suspect that this möchte finally stop bei March 2022, wie OneDrive assistance for fenster 7 and 8.1 is being officially pulled.

* This syndrome isn"t unknown. No one punkt Microsoft has been particularly tasked with shutting die server off, so things möchte probably now nur keep working until an infrastructure change weil das some other system physically impacts the backup servers!

Restoring indigenous backups

Until "March 2021" - in theory, if you hard reset a fenstern 10 mobile phone jetzt then you"d oase to rebuild it manually, installing from die Store, etc. I m sorry will still hopefully function. I"ll post a tutorial und check list as and when this definitely stops working. There"s every chance that Microsoft wollen forget about turning this system off too!

Mind you, there"s a school of thought which states that it"s always best kommen sie build in app set-up from scrape anyway, in order not to put back stuff sie don"t in reality need. PIM stuff and photos will come via ns cloud und OneDrive etc. It"s bei option, anyway, walking forwards, deswegen do make sure that you schutz other data und documents on her phone copied onto other devices und media, together needed.

Store appsApplication updates und installs have to be good until punkt least the ende of 2021. The old 8.1 Store was given 30 month after ende of support for the OS itself, if us extrapolate the to fenstern 10 mobile then die Store might belastung until summer 2022. But i think the end might come this Christmas, i.e. December 2021.

Notably, ns trickle of new UWP applications bei the save has jetzt pretty much dried up, und only a handful des popular titles are ausblüten receiving updates. Die developer welt has (understandably) moved on. But it"s still important to schutz the Store totally available, in case you schutz to reset and restore a Lumia, since latest binaries kommen sie from below as part des the regain process.

Store clientIgnore scare geschichten about die Store client itself notfall being updated no longer - update with bug fixes und security tweaks will continue weil das at the very least a year, maybe more, albeit with new features and UI fanciments only the latest windows 10 desktop OS branches. And yes, some of these to update will oase knock on effects for windows 10 cell phone - we had troubles with die Store needing a hand-operated "Refresh" recently- these gott resolved, thankfully.
Auto-Photos upload kommen sie OneDriveStill working at ns moment, as hinweisen 9th november 2021, und no finish date specified, though an theory at some allude this year you"d oase to upload bild manually, together needed. No doubt Microsoft will forget kommen sie actually switch this off too, so it will carry on through 2022 until something breaks! I"ll report back if this happens.

It"s precious noting that the OneDrive customer on iOS und Android is excellent - if freundin do switch weist some point then you essentially lug on with ns same interface, auto-backup, and photo stream an the wolke (subject to your storage plan, e.g. 1TB through Office Microsoft 365)

OneDrive music streamingStopped from may 2019 onwards, at least from in ~ Groove Music app. Sie can blieb stream from OneDrive or download indigenous both first and third party applications despite - lakers the attached article weil das suggestions.
OneDriveNo cessation day for windows 10 Mobile accessibility announced, most likely 2022 or method beyond - Microsoft zu sein a wolke company bei many means now und OneDrive ist central zu its vision.
Office Lens

This gift a cloud-centric OCR solution, it"s utterly dependent top top Microsoft enabling server access. That wasannounced that access to die OneDrive servers would certainly stop weist the ende of 2020, und this has jetzt happened, zum Office Lens on both Mobile and Desktop. The idea zu sein that ns iOS and Android versions des Office include die same functionality und will be more convenient zum most people. Walk figure.

Outlook Mail, Calendar

No cessation date announced, most likely 2022 or beyond. Outlook app development is all top top newer fenstern 10 branches though, dafür the present one on windows 10 Mobile zu sein only receiving klein bug fixes and none of the sexier stuff you"ll review about bei the news.

Of concerned note is that auto-configuration of new major email/PIM account doesn"t now work. I"ve tested setting nach oben a google account to work through Outlook on a reset phone und changes hinweisen Google"s ende mean the the relevant password and set nach oben screens don"t get handled properly. Similarly weil das Yahoo, and possibly others.

Note that existing phones with previously setup accounts will carry on functioning fine - the caveat over is zum adding accounts to a fenstern 10 cell phone phone. Plus indigenous Microsoft email/PIM accounts room fine.

Office UWP applicationsUpdates zum these werestopped, as des "January 2021", though die applications should bring on working indefinitely. The lack of updates after this zu sein moot though, since main app development zu sein all ~ above newer fenstern 10 branches, deswegen the existing Office UWP apps on windows 10 Mobile schutz only been receiving pest fixes (at best).

No official cessation date announced. "Automatically upgrade maps" seems to still work (i.e. Doesn"t throw nach oben a server error) as of the middle of november 2021, but actual updates schutz now stopped - ich haven"t had actually anything available since januar 2021. Time wollen tell, etc! Ironically, below Maps/Drive und offline maps updates blieb work perfectly weil das "ye olde" fenstern Phone 8.1 due to the fact that they"re driven by HERE, not von Microsoft.

NewsNo cessation day announced, most likely 2022 or beyond. Use under fenstern 10 Mobile has been frozen for a while, add to the system doesn"t save one"s sources/preferences in News, do it less useful. Sports inhalt no much longer works.
WeatherAs through News, no cessation day announced, most likely 2022 or beyond, though Weather zu sein simpler and everything ausblüten works nur fine.
Microsoft To-DoNo cessation day announced, yet application updates have now stopped top top Mobile, with new features only appearing on higher fenster 10 branch numbers, for the Desktop. Ns application claims a date von "2018", yet there have been fixes due to the fact that then, in 2020. Compatibility v base (textual) To-do charme is ausblüten full as punkt 1st november 2021 und is likely zum the following 12 month - enhancements get synced instantly bei both directions.
CortanaThis has nowendedon Android and iOS, by the way, deshalb it"s not nur W10M suffering. On my Lumias, and bei most regions, Cortana/search ist rather crippled, despite do note that some fundamental operations do still work, consisting of some internet functions.

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Films & TV(aka "Movies & TV") No cessation date announced, but several rumours. Ausgezeichnet money has neu purchases protecting against soon und no access zu past to buy stopping in 2022. Nur a guess. I"ve checked und past to buy are blieb available, as hinweisen 9th november 2021, die DRM ausblüten works, encrypted movies und TV shows blieb play, und with no warning message in-app.
SkypeNo cessation day announced zum the UWP app (the Desktop is now rückseitig to Win32, effectively), but it"s 100% online and requires server integration, obviously, so I wouldn"t be surprised if in end date weil das Skype on fenstern 10 Mobile was announced soon. As hinweisen 9th november 2021 it"s ausblüten fully working, consisting of syncing all messages und calls.
MicrosoftAuthenticatorIn theory, this wollen keep working zum ages if it"s already collection up, due to the fact that it depends on tokens from the relevant sites and time-based calculations. However sites can revoke tokens und require re-authentication, dafür a system like this isn"t guaranteed forever. It"ll run jawohl during 2021, though note that Microsoft Authenticator does an ext on iOS und Android, include kündigungscode syncing between signed-in tools (in theory - bei my experience, this is patchy, anyway). It"s nur a shame that this potential sync doesn"t include W10M, due to the fact that the anwendung was frozen auch early bei development.
Social applications

Official client zu sein a PWA,but works very fine (if currently installed), except lack von push notifications to the Edge engine supplied (the normal lack of "service workers" in the browser). Here"s ns latest changelog. API limitations punkt Twitter"s end mean that there"s jetzt no completely working third party alternative (at least, one that deshalb has access to DMs).

However, of note ist that this has jetzt disappeared from the Store, deshalb there"s no way to install the again on a reset device, which zu sein a huge shame.

FacebookOfficial (Osmeta-based, derived from iOS codebase) customer has now been withdrawn from die Store, and even if you have it previously set up then it crashes and burns. There room numerous facebook "scraping" applications und options though, and these operation faster und more efficiently than the auf facebook original client ever go (go figure!) Do seen the caveat right here though.
Facebook MessengerOfficial (Osmeta-based, acquired from iOS codebase) client deshalb now not available anymore. Good riddance, arguably, because it was bloated. The solutions linked bei our article hereused zu include fundamental Messenger support, with the facebook mobile net interface, yet this has now been retired von Facebook.

Official (Osmeta-based, obtained from iOS codebase) client has jetzt been withdrawn, gift part von the auf facebook "empire".There"s an official instagram PWA, yet it"s officially easily accessible patchily under fenstern 10 Mobile, available as an upgrade through ns Store only if you schutz the original installed. Really odd - it"s not there otherwise. But don"t despair, as ns PWA has actually been freshly upgraded und is available to anyone together a straightforward URL/favourite an the sheet browser.

There are also several third splitterpartei alternatives, the clear favourite of which is the quirky, often unstable, but constantly improvingWinsta UWP(which now features notifications).

WhatsappThe official WP8.1 customer has jetzt officially quit working. Ifyou require a Whatsapp replacement und don"t want to switch communication then lakers Telegram, below.
TelegramPlenty of options here, with an official WP8.1 applications (still in the W10M Store) that is gradually falling right into disrepair, but also an official PWA that functions OK(though through no push notifications, due kommen sie Edge limitations) und athird splitterpartei app, Unigram mobile Messenger UWP, which is fully functional and still obtainable (after the original Unigram go off right into Desktop-only realms).
RedditNo full access anymore. Ns Reddit site no much longer works in Edge, und the Readit und Baconit UWP third splitterpartei clients crash after sign-in. Both client let sie do radikale Reddit browsing however some graphical elements are lacking and, des course, freundin can"t contribute or communicate - because sie can"t sign in.
ViberThis messaging app has a first party UWP application, but reviews schutz been patchy - it"s not actively updated. According kommen sie readers, that is functionality zu sein now compromised, notfall least due to the fact that if you have to set it up on a neu phone climate phone numbers aren"t being recognised. Note that there ist a workaround for first time set-up, however it"s fiddly an the extreme.
SnapchatThis has never to be on fenster phones and never will be.
PinterestThere"s no main client weil das this, butpinterest.comin leaf seems zu be a PWA und acts like in application. Plus, if you blieb want a native UWP application experience, there"s "Piny - Pinterest through love" UWPor PinStar UWP, both von which blieb work well.
Media consumption

The main WP8.1 application blieb technically runs, yet has now lost search functions and is clearly on ns way out. Various third party applications to be targetted von Spotify"s lawyers und have jetzt been withdrawn from ns Store, sadly. Spotimo UWP was your best bet, and was reworked together "Strix Music", and this zu sein available weil das side-loading. Not ideal, however its "LTS" (Long term Support) ausführung (v1.4.9 as i write this) does "kind of" work und it"s notfall too onerous to get the installed. Expect glitches galore, dafür be geduldig with it - it"s all we"ve got!


This main WP8.1 application has now stopped functioning on both 8.1 and deshalb Windows 10 Mobile bei most regions. This was broken and now, through a server-side change, functions again! the seems windows phone media handling was more robust than we"d feared! mental you, an my experience, the loading time zum video streaming ist now deswegen high as to make ns client unpleasant kommen sie use.

VideoAmazon has never had bei official prime Video application for fenster phones, yet if you"re glücklich to violin a little bei Edge then freundin can clock this on ns go. It"s not arglosen though and is a finish pain in the proverbial contrasted to ns slick experience in a dedicated apps on various other platforms. Interestingly, bei official prime Video applications for fenster 10 desktop computer appeared recently.
AudibleFor audio books, die excellent Audible UWP application and Amazon"s service continues to work well, together at november 2021. To add try die newish "button free" interface?(!)
DeezerFor basic audio (radio, podcasts, some audio books), there"s anofficial UWP client zum Deezer, but it"s starting zu hit the rails. Part "front page" inhalt no longer loads and the auf facebook login technique no longer works, but i was able kommen sie log bei via a specialized Deezer id und then stream music as usual.
YouTubeOne of the more famous spats between Google and Microsoft, this hasn"t had in official application for years, though of prozess it functions fine bei the edge browser. I"d introduce myTube!, Perfect pipe or Awesome tube though, every UWP applications v slick interfaces und all maintained bang up to date. Hopefully. Youtube does save changing sachen though, deswegen have all three UWP apps installed und go zum the one updated most recently (myTube 4.1, as ich write this - amazing Tube und Perfect Tube schutz varying issues).
BBC iPlayerThis has actually been browser-only weil das years under windows phone and Windows 10 Mobile, but it"s fine. There"s the usual "log right into the bbc servers" and you"re an and watching. There"s no downloading of programmes zum watching letztere though, zum DRM reasons.
Third splitterpartei UWP appsCurated into a "best of" list here, neu applications oase been drying up bei recent years, with nur a grasp of neu titles each quarter now, though the Flow pillar on AAWP"s front page gives a great idea des which applications (if any) are blieb punching with with any type of updates.

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Do you re welcome let me know, by email or in the comments, if there are any type of inaccuracies in the over table or if you oase information to update it. Thanks.

PS. Another valid question can be what möchte happen to ns sites themselves from 2022 onwards? We"ve now moved zu a cheaper, faster, fresher server, but there are still some bits kommen sie do. All about Mobile has launched, albeit through some technological glitches as i write this, but weist least it"s for sure (https).But a) carry out please join die occasional guest writers if you schutz something zu say/review/discuss, email me weist slitchfield