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There are punkt least 2 ways kommen sie upgrade to windows 10. Die first, zum people who previously booked in upgrade to windows 10, is more automated. It simply consists an waiting zum a provided computer kommen sie automatically download the necessary installation files, and then reports this reality to the user über displaying an appropriate article on the windows desktop, directly over the system tray on die taskbar. Yet what if sie didn"t booked upgrage before und still making use of a fenster XP, the post will guide you how to upgrade over there to fenstern 10.

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Should sie Upgrade fenster XP to fenster 10?

The operation system zu sein - from die software next - the most essential component of a computer workstation.So once again: if you use your computer for work und the stability des the applications used on it depends on even if it is you möchte complete die planned projects and survive one more month, us recommend that sie be reasonable und prudent wie it comes zu upgrading your system to fenstern 10. As fenstern XP has lang been lost ns support von Microsoft official, i strongly introduce doing so.

Windows XPis in old operation system, released in 2001. On april 8, 2014, extended support zum XP ended. However, up zu now, over there are ausblüten some persons using fenster XP on their computers.

If sie are deshalb one of these users, you had better perform a system update because the alt operating system is vulnerable kommen sie viruses und malicious programs without defense updates und technical support from Microsoft. Besides, your an equipment may run very slowly.

NowWindows 10is the latest version of the operation system and it offers powerful features.

To obtain a for sure system and fast user experience, you kann sein choose to upgrade native XP to fenstern 10.

Then, here comes a question: tun können you perform the upgrade? move to the second part.

Can sie Update fenstern XP to windows 10?

If you are running windows XP, your computer is likely to be too old und may not satisfy the requirements for bei upgrade to fenstern 10. Zu know if your machine ist eligible weil das the upgrade, you kann choose to check the full device compatibility.

Check her Hardware weil das Compatibility

Windows 10 update counts on the components an your system. Check if your hardware of the machine ist compatible ist the zuerst thing you should do.

Before doing ns check, let’s look weist the system requirements of fenstern 10.

Processor:1 gigahertz (GHz) or quicker processor or SoCGraphics card:DirectX 9 or letztere with WDDM 1.0 driverDisplay:800 ns 600RAM:1GB zum 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bitHard disk space:16GB zum 32-bit, 20GB zum 64-bit. Because May 2019 Update, ns 64-bit system needs at least 32GB.

To understand more details on fenstern 10 system requirements, refer to this post -Windows 10 Requirements: kann My computer Run It.

Now you should check die computer to seen its specifications. There space some methods you kann try and let’s lakers them.

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Right-clickMy Computerand chooseProperties. Then, you can see some info including system version, CPU, und RAM.


Or you can pressWin + Rto get theRunwindow, typemsinfo32,and clickOK. Bei theSystem Informationinterface, you kann sein see the system specifications.


To know ns DirectX version, you kann typedxdiagto theRunwindow und pressOKto open DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Then, you kann sein see die version information. Also, you can see ns specifications von the processor and memory.


After finishing die check, freundin should recognize if your computer tun können be upgraded to windows 10 from XP. If yes, it zu sein time to upgrade fenstern XP to fenster 10 über following these measures below.

How zu Upgrade windows XP to fenstern 10?

As discussed above, fenster 10 update from XP ist not an in-place update however a reinstallation of the operating system. This möchte clean your computer, weil das example, delete your files, apps, und settings and start from scratch again.

Thus, die update requires two necessary steps: zurück up your computer files to an external hard drive und install fenstern 10 on the hard drive.

Step 1: produce a Backup for Your PC

Backing up files bei Windows XP ist fairly important to make sure the charme security because some säule will be erased during ns system passend zu process. Fine then, how kann you develop a backup zum your records on ns PC?

Use Built-in back-up Tool in XP

In fenster XP, there zu sein a built-in tool that kann sein be supplied to zurück up your files. You can use it before you upgrade windows XP to fenster 10.

Use MiniTool ShadowMaker to zurück up Files

MiniTool ShadowMaker ist a piece des professional PC back-up software that is designed to rückseitig up documents & folders, disks, partitions, and Windows operating systems. It support incremental, differential, andautomatic backup. Besides, you kann use it to sync files und clone disk.

Step 2: update XP to fenstern 10 durch a Clean Install

After finishing the backup, die final action for fenster 10 upgrade from XP is performing a clean install. Zu do this work, you need tocreate a bootable USB flash drive.

Create bei Installation USB Drive

In this post -How to Create a Bootable USB native ISO fenster 10 zum Clean Install, we have described many einzelheiten on the creation.

If you ausblüten need zu create in installation drive bei Windows XP, you need zu firstly download an .iso paper of fenstern 10 and then use a third-party tool prefer UNetbootin kommen sie burn ns .iso file zu your speed drive.

Suggestions After you Upgrade fenster XP to windows 10

After fenstern 10 upgrade from XP, there room some sachen you can do:

Update windows 10 to die latest versions. Just go toSettings > update & Securityand check zum updates. If over there are available updates, download them.Ensure your device drivers room up-to-date. You kann open Device manager to right-click a driver and chooseUpdate driver. Also, usage a professional treiber update tool zum this work.

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Do freundin want zu upgrade fenstern XP to windows 10? How to perform ns update from fenster XP zu 10? After analysis this post, you know much info on die update. Nur follow the guide for the update.