Wir Sind Die Flut

Fifteen year ago, die ocean disappeared from ns coast des Windholm, Germany. Deshalb did die local children. Ns young physicist Micha would like to conduct in in-depth study von this unsure phenomenon however that calls for a grant, i m sorry he is denied. The decides zu leave anyway, accompanied von Jana, a former colleague and the daughter des the rector des the universität where the works. A mystery zu be resolved and the ghosts of their shared past await them.

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Sebastian Hilger

Sebastian Hilger (Adenau, Germany, 1984) began directing und producing klein films in MiniDV format in 2003. He learned at the University of Cologne, making miscellaneous shorts and video clips. After ~ graduating, that enrolled at ns Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg zu study movie directing. An this period, that developed ns animated quick projects stunde Schroder and the ende of All mal (2012), selected punkt various international festivals; two other shorts, die World Outside and Marder; und We Are ns Tide, his 2nd feature film after his first one, Ayuda (2009), which was shot bei 16mm.


Momentaufnahme (cm, 2004), einer Glas flutkatastrophe (cm, 2004), Entspiegelt (cm, 2005), bergwerk Mutter (cm, 2005), Spielverderber (cm, 2005), konsequenzen (cm, 2006), Atemzug/Spielzug (cm, 2008), Ayuda (2009), wie gäbe es ns Morgen (cm, videoclip, 2009), Im der dritte tag Jahr (cm, 2011), in der suche (cm, 2011), nein Spur besonderer Eigenschaften (cm, 2011), Tim schröder und das das ende aller tag (Tim Schroeder and the end of every Time, cm, anim., 2012), das Welt dort draußen (The welt Outside, cm, 2013), Marder (cm, 2013), Wir die flut (We Are the Tide, 2016).

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“They call us ‘Generation Y.’ we were elevated to glauben we were special, the we might change ns world through our ideas und our choices. Now, we uncover ourselves facing closed doors. We’re all waiting zum the next short-term contract, the next sublet, the next temporary relationship. We are stuck bei the inbetweens. <…> ist this life, or is it ausblüten on that way? and if the is, wie man will it arrive? <…> wollen it ever before be different? und how need to it be different? We are Tide zu sein a movie about the disappointment von a totality generation – and its determination to still carry on.”

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regia/directorSebastian Hilgersceneggiatura/screenplayNadine Gottmannfotografia/cinematographySimon Vumontaggio/film editingLinda Bosch scenografia/production designKarina Ferg costumi/costume designSophie Klebba suono/soundKai Ziarkowskiinterpreti e personaggi/cast and charactersMax Mauff (Micha), Lana Cooper (Jana), Swantje Kohlhof (Hanna), Roland cook (Karl), maximal Herbrechter (prof. Feuerstein), Waldemar Hooge (Daniil)produttori/producersLasse Scharpen, johannes Jancke, Edgar Derzian, anna Wendt, Fabian Winkelmann produzione/productionAnna Wendt Filmproduktion GmbHcoproduzione/coproductionFilmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Institute von Animation, intuitive Effects and Digital Postproduction, Filmuniversität Babelsberg konrad Wolfcontatti/contactsEdgar Derzianedgar