Music style: Self-described as "Synthie-Punk-Pop": "28 % Synthie,34 % Punk und 38 % Pop"Band members: Judith Holofernes (singer/guitar), Jean-MichelTourette (keyboard/guitar), Pola Roy (percussion), unterschrift Tavassol (bass).Name means: "We space Heroes"

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Wir zu sein Helden came about wie man Holofernes, Tourett, und Roymet weist a popular music music workshop in Hamburg an 2001. Holofernes had alreadybeen working as a musician weil das some time, had often performed in clubsin berlin with her voice and her guitar, und had published produziert ownsolo CDs. After your meeting, castle decided kommen sie begin performing togetherin Berlin. Mark Tavassol joined an on bass.Within months, ns newly formed maßband made the einzel charts with theirsong "Guten Tag". When their album das Reklamation was releasedin 2003, it automatically climbed to number 5 on ns German album chartsand it letztere reached number 1. Holofernes" penchant weil das intelligentand moral lyrics, periodically with ironically ceded social criticism,shine through on this album. Such das lied texts schutz been named über musiccritics as die band"s distinctive trademark.Boosted von their early success, nena invited the band to accompanyher ~ above tour. Not lang thereafter, the band began performing its ownsold-out concert throughout Germany and bordering countries. In 2004,the band was known as worthy newcomers bei the business with 3Echo awards. Frankfurt"s auszeichnungen newspaper, the frankfurter AllgemeineZeitung, has dubbed them the founders of a second neu German Wavemovement.The band"s 2005 album über Hier bei Blind surprised fans. Farfrom a copy of the zuerst LP, von Hier bei Blind is more melancholyin tone. Guitars beat a bigger role, und though an essential themes arenot wholly missing -- "Zieh mit dir was an", zum example, takeson ns use des women as geschlechter objects -- castle are not as main as inthe debut album. Despite the unexpected differences, ns band"s secondLP went platinum just a couple of weeks ~ its release and the außerhalb des spiels wasalready offered out prior to it also began. Die album got to Number 1on the German oberteil Ten album charts, und remained an the oberteil Ten for20 weeks. In 2006, the band played two sold-out concerts bei London,which ist never a small feat zum a eis whose lyrics space not an English.Their 2007 LP Soundso debuted on the German album charts atNumber 2 und has been a critical and commerical success.
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Die Reklamation (2003) |
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