Woran erkennt man narzissten

“Our neu colleague is totally underqualified und by the way, my new outfit aussehen good ~ above me, doesn’t it?”

A phrase only a narcissist would certainly say. Narcissists are people who are incredibly convinced von themselves. They feeling superior and important and draw your energy from die attention des others.

Du schaust: Woran erkennt man narzissten

However, narcissism is actually a disease. World with narcissistic personality disorder suffer from a lack des empathy and hide your true short self-confidence through their exaggeration behavior.

In this article, we want kommen sie give sie a list des 31 characteristics des a narcissist that help you kommen sie spot one. We deshalb explain what ist a narcissist und how you tun können help other people kommen sie reduce their narcissistic behavior. Hinweisen the end of this article, you wollen find bei additional thing on narcissism top top Facebook.

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What ist Narcissism?


Having some narcissistic traits ist actually rather normal and just because you oase a strong self-confidence, that doesn’t mean you are a narcissist.

The true meaning of narcissism becomes fingerprint with die following definition:

“People with narcissism schutz a an extremely pronounced sense von their own superiority and a deep-seated need zum admiration. They glauben they space superior zu others and have little regard weil das the feelings of their fellow people. Bei fact, narcissists startseite their fragile self-esteem through their behavior und are notfall open zu criticism.”

However, narcissism is not to be puzzled with egoism.

While in egoist does not really perceive the viewpoints of others, a narcissist does see the viewpoints von his fellow people, but ignores them. Human being with serious narcissism even get angry wie man others don’t see things as they do.

However, all of these behaviors hülle real intents below die surface. The following qualities will show you what a narcissist really wants to achieve through their behavior.

Characteristic and Intent 1: No Trust in Others

You tun können generally say that even an long-term relationships, a narcissist doesn’t really to trust others.

In in open und honest relationship, a natural trust bolzen the two partners usually builds trost over time. However, if one next abuses this trust, die other side möchte feel hurt. Die narcissist protects himself versus this risk of vulnerability v his behavior. Lock refuse zu put themselves bei a position des vulnerability von trusting others.

Although they act as grandiose and superior on die outside, they are constantly fear on die inside and are in a state des increased vigilance.

Characteristic and Intent 2: Self-Protection v Superiority

Many see narcissists as people with bei excessively inflated ego. Ns truth is, it’s notfall the main core of the personality disorder.

The core is the pure resistance against the feeling von vulnerability. Hence ns illusion of permanent superiority which frequently gives you die impression of in inflated ego.

Characteristic und Intent 3: Aversion to Vulnerabilities

It’s perfectly normalerweise that freundin don’t constantly feel good. Sometimes freundin are happy, occasionally sad, proud or even hurt. Narcissists, however, try to trick themselves über pretending that they feel good permanently. They fear that an acknowledgment of weakness wollen give rather a gelegenheit to take advantage des them or gain power over them.

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To keep the show alive und avert feelings des weakness, die narcissist gives and acts stronger and more powerful, together he or she in reality is. They overcompensate to distract indigenous their very own weaknesses.

Characteristic und Intent 4: Flight response Instead of Self-Awareness

If a narcissist treats sie badly or ignores you, sie must recognize that it’s notfall your fault. Don’t worry, or take it personally, if someone behaves narcissistically towards you. It is in empathetic and realize that freundin are talking kommen sie a narcissist, then most negativ thoughts wollen disappear by themselves.

In order to do so, freundin need to understand ns following three things about narcissists, that room proven by studies:

They are conscious that others may see them less positive climate they do.Narcissists schutz certain insights into their personality and know around their behavior (for example, they explain themselves as arrogant).They are conscious that their frequently positive zuerst impression it s okay worse over time.

A narcissist zu sein aware von both his behavior and his character traits, but ns urge zum self-affirmation zu sein above every else.

However, most des them withstand a NPS diagnosis (narcissistic personality disorder) or any kind of other clinical treatment. Merely put, they don’t like zu be dubbed narcissists und are hostile kommen sie that term.

The following point an order kommen sie understand narcissism is to notfall think in NPS und non-NPS. Narcissism has bei entire spectrum von certain behaviors, ranging from totally harmless traits zu a clinically diagnosed narcissistic personality disorder.

The 2 Types des Narcissism

You will come across different types von Narcissism. Us refer to die American emotional Association, which defines 2 types: grandiose und vulnerable narcissism.

The grandiose narcissist are ns stereotypical ones. You kann sein recognize them über the reality that lock are more extroverted und present themselves to the outside welt with in extremely express self-confidence.

The vulnerable narcissist is die unremarkable, shy and rather introverted type. They don’t have to pretend kommen sie be ns best and live their narcissism behind closeup of the door doors.

Grandiose Narcissists

The complying with signs space typical for this type:

They react badly to negativ feedbackThey seem to be an extremely self-confidentThey show a high degree des dominanceThey have no problem telling anyone how good they areThey room afraid des rejectionThey room willing to end a partnership without sign unless lock get the necessary admirationThey demand special treatmentThey are not very emphatic

At in early age, die parents gave the grandiose narcissist ns feeling the he or she was superior to others. This provided rise to ns expectation the this type of contact would certainly continue weil das the rest von his or her life. Accordingly, through this behavior a grandiose narcissist tries kommen sie fulfil die expectations of his or her parents.

Vulnerable Narcissists

You kann sein tell this kind from die following signs:

They’re viel more sensitive than grandiose narcissistsThey actually feel incompetent and use narcissism as a facadeThey space afraid of rejectionThey feeling anxious and harassed if castle are notfall treated speciallyThey oase a roller coaster des feelings of superiority and inferiorityThey frequently worry around how they möchte be perceived über their partner in a relationshipThey kann sein become jealous and possessive in a relationshipThey are less active users von social networks such as Facebook und co.

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In many cases, this kind of behavior develops during childhood. If the parents room unable kommen sie establish a close partnership with your child, the child ist not really certain whether die parents liebe it or not. This leads zu a certain insecurity, i m sorry extends through the child’s danach life.

It’s not only die parenting in childhood that plays a an essential role bei the development des narcissism:

Genetics und neurobiology also play a an essential role.Children who show narcissistic characteristics do notfall necessarily construct one von the 2 narcissistic personality disorders. It kann simply be typical zum their age.