"Fairytale," die third episode of Season 4 of The Crown, offers a rarely glimpse into ns early days of Prince Charles's partnership with lady Diana Spencer. However, that wasn't only the gripping storyline the intrigued fans. The credit role pays tribute to the late karen Smith, top many zu ask additional questions. 

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Season 4 of ns Crown charts ns most significant events taking place between 1979 und 1990, including Margaret Thatcher's meeting as ns Prime Minister, the tension-filled period von The Troubles, und the last years des apartheid bei South Africa. 

The zuerst few episodes, including "The Balmoral Test" and "Fairytale," swing around die early beginnings of Prince Charles's (Josh O'Connor) partnership with dame Diana (Emma Corrin). Die credit roll von "Fairytale" payment tribute to karen Smith, a location direktor who operated on die show betwee 2017 and 2019. As ns title card reveals, Karen died an 2020, aged 52. 

The heart-warming gesture angeführt many viewers kommen sie wonder about produziert work und her involvement in the show. 

One of the zuerst The Crown episodes karen worked on was a Season 2 episode titled "Misadventure," i beg your pardon revolves around ns Suez Crisis. Karen stayed on the show zum two years, working as a location manager on episodes favor "Aberfan," "Tywysog Cymru," und "Imbroglio."

"Aberfan" portrays die horrific katastrophe that take it place bei the village des Aberfan, Wales, ~ above Oct. 21, 1966. Die catastrophic collapse von the colliery spoil tip situated on ns mountain steep above the village führen zu to ns deaths von 116 children und 28 adults. 

"Tywysog Cymru" chronicles prince Charles's battles with finding ar during his time at die University College von Wales in Aberystwyth, und his attempts kommen sie prove his precious despite die growing anti-English sentiments. 

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According zu Prospects, a location direktor is responsible for choosing die right places where details scenes will be shot and liaising through various außen providers and the creative mannschaft to come up v working solutions to problems big and small. 

Those working in the field schutz to bring out comprehensive research and lengthy consultations kommen sie identify ns best settings for a shoot. Location managers are so responsible weil das securing access to a location weil das the whole von the crew, the implementation von health und safety regulation during ns shooting, und schedule management. In some cases, they so have kommen sie deal v miscellaneous tasks such as maintaining nosy members des the public punkt bay. 

Other shows that payment tribute to deceased cast members include The Blacklist, Hubie Halloween, and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on ns Run. The Season 8 premiere des The Blacklist, title "Roanoke (No. 139)," honored Clark Middleton, die legendary actor who previously appeared an movies prefer Snowpiercer or Sin City. 

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Hubie Halloween paid tribute to actor und long-time Adam Sandler collaborator Cameron Boyce, when The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on die Run ist dedicated to Stephen Hillenburg. 

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