Worlds 2019 League Of Legends

The 2019 world Championship ist the crowning event des League of Legends esports weil das the year. The tournament welcomes 24 groups from every regions von the game an a months-long race zum the Summoner"s Cup.

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This year"s world championship is held in three europe capitals: Berlin, Germany; Madrid, Spain; and Paris, France. That is also the zuerst time human beings returns to die continent because 2015, after ~ a trip kommen sie China und Korea bei 2017 und 2018. The initial prize pool von the tournament zu sein $2.225M, i m sorry stands kommen sie grow also larger through in-game item sales.


Qualification24 teams from experienced leagues will qualify weil das the event.13 bereich winners and 1 runner-up of the recent splitThe winners des Brazil (CBLOL), föderal of Independent states (LCL), japan (LJL), Latin America (LLA), Oceania (OPL), southeast Asia (LST), Turkey (TCL) wollen qualify for the Play-In Stage.The runner-up von Vietnam (VCS) wollen qualify zum the Play-In stage as the region"s 2nd seed.The winners of china (LPL), Europe (LEC), Korea (LCK), phibìc America (LCS), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS) und Vietnam (VCS) will qualify zum the group Stage as die region"s zuerst seed.4 Championship point seedsChampionship Points room awarded to teams based on their Spring and Summer performances bei Korea (LCK), china (LPL), Europe (LEC), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS) und North America (LCS)The teams with ns highest Championship Points in Korea (LCK), china (LPL), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS) und North America (LCS) will qualify weil das the gruppe Stage as die region"s second seed.The teams with the highest Championship Points in Europe (LEC) möchte qualify, but not be made decision region"s second seed or der dritte tag seed until regional Finals final match.The remaining teams kann qualify zum the local Finals relying on their allude ranking.5 local Finals winners and 1 runner-upThe winner des the Europe (LEC) regional Finals will qualify for the group Stage as ns region"s second seed.The winner von the china (LPL) local Finals wollen qualify zum the gruppe Stage as die region"s third seed.The winners von the Korea (LCK), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS), north America (LCS) und the runner-up of Europe (LEC) local Finals möchte qualify zum the Play-In stage as ns region"s dritter seed.Play-In round 1 - October 2nd - 5th in LEC Studio, BerlinTwelve groups are divided into four groups wherein they play a double Round Robin format.All matches room played bei a Bo1.Top two teams in each group advance to Play-In: round 2.Bottom team an each kopieren, gruppe is eliminated.

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Play-In ring 2 - October 7th - 8th bei LEC Studio, BerlinEight groups from Play-In: round 1.The first place bei each group of Play-In: ring 1 will be randomly drawn versus a second place from another group.All matches room played in a Bo5.Four winners wollen advance to kopieren, gruppe Stage.Four losers will be eliminated.Group Stage - October 12th - 15th und 17th - 20th bei Verti Music Hall, BerlinFour teams from Play-In round 2 sign up with twelve teams with straight entry native Korea, China, Europe, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, north America und Vietnam.All sixteen teams are divided into 4 groups whereby they pat a dual Round Robin format.All matches room played in a Bo1.Top two teams in each gruppe advance to Knockout Stage.Bottom 2 teams bei each gruppe are eliminated.

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Knockout Stage - October 25th - 27th and November second - 3rd in Palacio Vistalegre,
Madrid und November 10th in Accorhotels Arena,
ParisEight teams play bei a einzel elimination parentheses over five matchdays.All matches space Bo5.

Worlds draw Show

The human beings Draw zeigen held on september 23, 2019 - 16:00 CEST was ns process von which teams were inserted into groups zum the Play-In Stage and the gruppe Stage von the 2019 world Championship.

Broadcast Talent

Place $ USD PercentTeam
$834,375  37.5% FunPlus Phoenix
$300,375  13.5% G2 Esports
$155,750  7% Invictus Gaming
SK Telecom T1
5th-8th $89,000  4% Griffin
9th-12th $50,063  2.25% Cloud9
J Team
royal Never offer Up
team Liquid
13th-16th $27,813  1.25% hong Kong Attitude
GAM Esports
Clutch Gaming
ahq e-Sports Club
17th-20th $16,688  0.75% Lowkey Esports
royal Youth
Isurus Gaming
Unicorns von Love
21st-24th $11,125  0.5% MAMMOTH
detonation FocusMe
MEGA Esports
Flamengo eSports