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You tun können discover comparable sites based on what stichworte they haveand how crucial they are zum your search. Click the tags to editthem, und use die sliders kommen sie adjust their importance.The tags shown right now are the top 5 tags von the URL you just searched for.Hit "oered.org" to lakers results.

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This slider identify how ns matched sites space sorted.If sie want to see the most renowned sites the are rather related kommen sie your search, on slide this much more towards "popularity."If freundin want to seen the website that finest matched her search, regardless von popularity, on slide this towards "similarity."
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Matched web page that have any tag on this perform will notfall be shown.This feature ist useful zum filtering out outcomes that oase tags freundin are absolutely not interested in.To include a arbeit to this list, click "add tag" or click on any tag an a result.

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This option lets you specify die types of sites kommen sie show.If freundin want zu only see domains (www..com), pick "domains only."If freundin want kommen sie only lakers articles (www..com/something/here), pick "articles only."If freundin don"t care, or care dafür much about both, choose "Both".