Xavier Naidoo Ich Mach Da Nicht Mit

http://rapbellions.comCensorship versus Germany's rapper scene:Under die title "Ich mach dort nicht mit" (I am not participating), 18 rappers find clear words versus vaccination, required masking and state-imposed deprivation von liberty. The gruppe "Rapbellions" complains, among other things, about die silence bei their very own ranks and opposes ns lockdown and measures policy and its huge economic and social consequences.

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Thousands des livelihoods would suffer long-term financial damage, youngsters would be traumatized und abused, society would be divided, and there would certainly be unconstitutional und violent interference v the grundlegend order von freedom and health self-determination, according to their press release. Your demands:Immediate end to ns lockdowns: instead, investments in education, child welfare, social justice, the healthcare system and long-term care- instant restoration of all radikale freedoms / return zu the fundamental Law- Objective, neutral and factual reporting- No (implicit) obligation to vaccinate / no privileges based upon vaccination status- A critical approach zu experimental, emergency-approved vaccines- Immediate end to causing obligation masking, especially zum children- end of violence against peaceful protesters.- Reformation des the political system.- Implementation of the premise enshrined in the fundamental Law: All energie emanates from die people.Within minute after release, die video has actually been taken down from every platforms... #ichmachdanichtmit #Xaviernaidoo #schwrzvyce

Genre Resistance 2021

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immer noch dürfe es macht Jungs

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yeahhhh leute rauf da drüben ich liebe das

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