Xiaomi officially announced the newest android skin — MIUI 12 — earlier this year bei April. As with all ahead MIUI releases, ns latest software application update from ns Chinese OEM had a bunch of new static und live wallpapers. Shortly after the official announcement, XDA recognized Contributor linuxct managed kommen sie port the new Super Earth und Mars direkte wallpapers to other devices und later included two an ext options — Hale crater und Evergreen garden — to ns list. Xiaomi recently released another collection of live wallpapers v its 10th-anniversary unique Mi 10 Ultra and you kann now download it weil das your device.

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This zu sein Faraway Rings, die Super wallpaper featured in the Mi 10 Ultra, ported zu work ~ above any android device running android 8.0 and above! This zuerst video shows ns Vertical version of it. Pic.twitter.com/Lpq8V5iCxm

— linuxct (
linuxct) august 12, 2020

The neu MIUI 12 at sight Saturn direkte wallpapers include two alternatives — Faraway ring (Horizontal) and Faraway ring (Vertical) — both von which kann now be mounted on any android device running android 8.0 or newer. Together you kann sein see in the embedded tweets, the Faraway rings (Horizontal) wallpaper gives freundin a close look hinweisen Saturn’s rings in a schnorse orientation, while ns Faraway ring (Vertical) background aligns the rings in a vertical orientation. Both ns wallpapers nur a zoomed out version des the ringed world on the lockscreen and unlocking ns device zooms into die rings, with floating asteroids the move wie you switch pages.

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And this second video shows the scorseses version von it, just like i showed a couple of hours ago. Pic.twitter.com/dx3cWqSwNT

— linuxct (
linuxct) august 12, 2020

If you’re interested in trying out MIUI 12’s neu Super Saturn direkt wallpapers on her device, you tun können download the respective APKs from ns download verknüpfung below. As soon as you schutz the APK mounted on her device, you kann pick the new direkte wallpapers from the roden wallpaper picker on her device. In case die wallpapers don’t show up in the stock wallpaper picker, you can download the google Wallpaper app from the Play Store to apply the direkt wallpapers.

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Download MIUI 12 super Saturn background port

MIUI 12 Super background — XDA forum Thread

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