How to login youtube on samsung smart tv?

YouTube is one of the most popular clip sharing và streaming platforms all over the world. This platform allows you to create và watch videos without any cost. I don’t think the YouTube phầm mềm needs any type of introduction. YouTube app is compatible with most streaming devices và smart tv including Samsung Smart TV. Today we will cover how you can install và activate YouTube on Samsung Smart TV.Although the YouTube tiện ích is preinstalled in most Samsung Smart TVs, if your Samsung Smart TV does not have a YouTube tiện ích or is not working then you can install và stream YouTube in Samsung Smart TV by following this step.Read also- How to lớn watch AMC on Samsung Smart TV?

How to install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1: – Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.

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Step 2: – Connect your Samsung Smart TV to an active mạng internet connection.Step 3: – To get the main menu tab on your Samsung TV, you have lớn click on the home button on your TV remote.
Step 4: – Scroll the left side and select the apps option.
Step 5: – Navigate the magnifying glass on the top right side & click it.
Step 6: – Now a tìm kiếm field will prompt on your screen và you have to submit “YouTube” on the respective field.
Step 7: – After searching, few apps will display on the suggestion list & you have lớn select the YouTube phầm mềm only.Step 8: – Now you will be redirected to the tiện ích overview page và click on the install button.Step 9: – It will take few minutes lớn complete the installation process.Step 10: – After installing, you get a completing message on your screen.

How to lớn activate YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 11: – Then click on the open option to launch the YouTube on Samsung Smart TV. 
 Step 12: – Go khổng lồ the left panel of your screen và select the accounts icon.Step 13: – Now tap on the sign-in option on the Accounts.Step 14: – After signing in, an activation code will prompt on your TV screen. Copy that code or chú ý it down somewhere else. 
 Step 15: – Launch Google Chrome on your mobile or computer & enter on the URL field.Step 16: – Now submit the displayed activation code in the given field and click on the Next button.
Step 17: – Tap on the allow option in order to lớn agree on the terms và conditions screen.Step 18: – Once your activation process will complete, then your screen will automatically refresh and you can watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV.

How to lớn stream YouTube on Samsung Smart TV by using screen mirroring/casting?

Step 1: – Make sure your Mobile support screen mirroring or casting feature.Step 2: – Go to your sản phẩm điện thoại phone.Step 3: – Scroll down/up the notification panel in order lớn find casting icon.Step 4: – Select the cast icon on the notification panel.Step 5: – Otherwise, you can go to the mobile settings option and enable the cast option.

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Step 6: – Now your device will scan all the nearby devices for pairing or casting, you have to select only your Samsung Smart TV device from the list.Step 7: – Once your device will pair with your Samsung Smart TV.Step 8: – Then launch the YouTube app on your mobile phone and select any content to watch.

How to watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV by using Google Chromecast device?

Smart Phone-

Step 1: – Plug your Chromecast power adaptor into the nguồn switch.Step 2: – Connect your Google Chromecast into the HDMI port of your Samsung Smart TV (at backside).Step 3: – Now connect your Chromecast to lớn the same Wi-Fi that you are using on your mobile phone.Step 4: – Launch the Play Store (for apk users) or tiện ích Store (for game ios users) and install the latest Google trang chủ app.Step 5: – Launch the app & it will tìm kiếm all the Google Chromecast devices for casting. When your device name appears on your screen, then click continue.Step 6: – Now a code on your Samsung TV screen và Mobile screen. If both the codes match then tap on the That’s my code option.Step 7: – Now your device is ready for casting and your screen will appear on your Samsung Smart TV screen.Step 8: – Launch the YouTube app on your sản phẩm điện thoại phone.Step 9: – Select any đoạn phim to watch.


Step 1: – Make sure your PC và Samsung Smart TV must be connected khổng lồ the same Wi-Fi connection.Step 2: – Launch the Google Chrome on your PC.Step 3: – Visit the official website of YouTube ( ).Step 4: – Navigate the three dots (vertical dots) on the đứng top right side & click it.Step 5: – Select the cast option from all the options.Step 6: – Now your device will look for another device for casting, when your Device name will appear on your screen, select it.Step 7: – Then tap on the sources drop-down option & select the Cast tab only option.Step 8: – Now your screen will appear on the Samsung TV screen.Step 9: – Play the content you want to watch on YouTube.