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What is a QR Code feedback form?

A QR Code feedback size is a solution for collecting feedback from customers with a customizable form.

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Optimized for all devices, you can create your feedback khung with different categories và related items lớn match your particular needs. QR Code feedback forms are highly useful for placement on print materials so users can easily access links.


What information can I display with a QR Code feedback form?

A QR Code feedback khung displays the following elements on a mobile-friendly page:

Custom brand colors và a featured image. Basic information about your feedback size (company name & form title). Customizable categories & their related icons. Your tương tác information (email and website). Optional for users: Name and e-mail address fields khổng lồ be contacted.

How does a QR Code feedback khung help me collect chất lượng feedback?

Convenient for anyone khổng lồ use

QR Code feedback forms are great for collecting feedback because they’re so easy lớn use. You can create custom feedback forms and then địa chỉ their related QR Code lớn print materials (like a guest manual in a hotel room). Your audience or customers can easily access the feedback khung with a quick scan, and you get comprehensive information about the customer experience for your hàng hóa or service. Furthermore, your audience or customers can add their contact details before submitting their feedback if they wished khổng lồ be contacted, making staying in cảm ứng with them easier.

Comes with a versatile short URL

Your feedback forms are optimized for all devices—mobile, desktop, and tablet. What’s more, each of your QR Codes comes with an automatically generated short URL, which is basically a shorter size of the links to access your feedback form. These short URLs are great for placement on digital platforms lượt thích emails & social media, because they tốc độ up loading times, are more secure, and they shorten long, ugly links.

Track, change và edit your QR Code feedback size

An additional benefit to using a QR Code feedback form is that it’s a type of Dynamic QR Code. These types of QR Codes have three quality elements: Editability, trackability, & changeability. Editability means that even after you finalize and tải về your QR Code, you can still edit the elements connected khổng lồ it (for example adding a new category to lớn your feedback form). Next, changeability refers khổng lồ the fact that you can even swap out your type of QR Code with another QR Code solution (for example using a Rating QR Code instead of a QR Code feedback form). All of these can be done anytime, even after print. In addition, the benefit of “trackability” means that you can view real-time QR Code scan metrics, including location by city & country, quality vs. Total scans, time scanned, & operating device used.

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If you plan to lớn use your QR Code feedback size on multiple platforms, across different periods, or even different locations, this entire process can be monitored and optimized.

Customizable feedback forms for every purpose

The goal with any feedback form is lớn collect in-depth feedback from your audience and customers. As a result, we’ve enabled total customization for your feedback forms. You can create your own categories or choose from a list, and then add related icons. So, each feedback size can be designed exactly as you need it.

Match your QR Code feedback size to your brand

Your feedback form and your QR Code are customizable as well. Both can be styled with particular brand colors and your biệu tượng công ty (for the QR Code located in the middle). QR Codes can also be designed with a unique CTA (call to lớn action) in a custom frame, & different types of edges.

How lớn make a QR Code feedback form?

Sign up khổng lồ QR Code Generator PRO và get started with a 14-day không tính phí trial. You can upgrade at any time to lớn continue using the QR Code if you decide the tool is right for you. Once your tài khoản is activated, select Create QR Code in the dashboard then choose Feedback. Start by naming your QR Code, và then customize the page colors to lớn match your personal style or company identity. You can also upload a featured image, your logo, or a welcome screen to amplify your branding power. Next, địa chỉ cửa hàng your company name and feedback size title. You can also include company information such as an e-mail address and website. After this, customize your feedback size with particular categories. You can create your own category names or select them from a list. Particular category items can also các mục a related icon next lớn it (for example, a location icon for location feedback). khổng lồ personalize it further, select one of the ready-made QR Code frames and add your own custom text to urge your audience khổng lồ scan the Code. địa chỉ cửa hàng some finishing touches such as adding a logo sản phẩm in the center of your QR Code và changing the Code’s màu sắc to suit your brand. Finally, tải về and integrate it into the file design of your print collateral.