A verknüpfung to the Past must Be Coming to Switch - notfall Skyward sword Instead des returning to the beginning von the Zelda timeline weil das Link"s 35th birthday, Nintendo should have chosen a well-loved classic kommen sie remaster.

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die recent Nintendo Direct zu sein the zuerst of this year to nur off what Nintendo und some von the Switch"s bigger developer have an store zum players. With some major Nintendo anniversaries happening this year, fan expect big things in what"s largely been a somewhat underwhelming celebration so far. ~ Mario"s huge birthday belastung year, it"s jetzt Link"s turn kommen sie celebrate as the Legend von Zelda franchise transforms 35. The celebration, von course, wouldn"t be complete without a neu remaster.

While we wait for news ~ above Breath von the wild 2, Nintendo is planning kommen sie release a remastered version des The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which originally came out zum the Wii and Wii U. It"s a good game, und they"re also keeping die motion controls of the initial albeit improved weil das the Switch. However, another, more classic video game that probably should oase gotten a remaster therapy instead: The Legend of Zelda: A link to ns Past.

Skyward Sword zu sein the first game bei the mixed-up Hyrule timeline, deswegen it renders sense zum it to be remastered as a celebration des Link"s encroaching middle-age. However, it"s definitely not one des the an ext popular LoZ titles bei the catalog, and with die success von the remake for Link"s Awakening, countless are jetzt waiting for the SNES classic to make a return. This year would have been die perfect time weil das it, yet sadly fans will have to proceed waiting.

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A verknüpfung to die Past was a major success wie man it was released bei 1991 weil das the super Nintendo und quickly ended up being one von the best-selling games on the system. That ranked zuerst on Nintendo Power"s oberteil games list zum five years bei a row and was maintained as one des the oberteil games zum years throughout Nintendo platforms. In the magazine"s last issue in 2012, it did a countdown von the top 285 games an Nintendo history, with A verknüpfung to the Past coming in 2nd. Skyward Sword ranked 11th; comparatively, Super mario Galaxy ranked third despite gift released in the exact same generation.

Skyward Sword is deshalb still native a relatively newer generation von consoles. That"s why they"re also retaining ns motion controls zum the move version. Meanwhile, A verknüpfung to ns Past has actually only ever before seen one remaster bei its lifetime, und it was only available an a pair through Four Swords zum the game Boy Advance. When this version of the game was still well-received, over there were various changes, make it different from die original. Power-ups were included which could only be obtained von playing Four Swords and vice versa. Die audio wasn"t as clear compared to the SNES version, and some von the sound effects were changed to use ones indigenous Ocarina von Time. Finally, the controls were adjusted because the gba was lacking two extra tasten compared to standard SNES controllers.

After seeing exactly how beautiful und fun ns Link"s Awakening remaster is, it"s a dead Nintendo won"t be remaking this SNES classic bei a similar style. A remix of the music in a similar style, the graphics and just die way ns game might play likewise would oase been perfect weil das the LoZ anniversary. Even much better would have been to have it excellent in in engine similar zu Square Enix"s Octopath Traveller or new Project Triangle Strategy combining die old und new.

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Skyward Sword isn"t a bad game. Together discussed bei the Nintendo Direct, it has many of the erste versions von Breath von the Wild mechanics, und motion features möchte hopefully be more fluid on the Switch. Honestly, it"s around time we get an ext movement-based controls und features for the Joy-Cons, yet it"s notfall the ideal Zelda remaster zum Link"s 35th birthday.