Zilla van den born

HER parents dropped produziert at ns airport weil das a month-long trip to Asia. Yet Zilla went straight zurück to herstellung apartment to play the end a kooky experiment.

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THE friends and family of a Dutch college student watched v envy on facebook as she posted images of herstellung South east Asia adventure.

Zilla van ns Born shared photos des herself on exotic beaches, visiting temples and sampling the local cuisine.

But she was at home in Amsterdam ns whole time.


The graphic designer edited images taken an her home country. Picture: Zilla van ns Born/Rex Features
The digitally manipulated bild look oered.orgpletely different — and very convincing. Picture: Zilla van den Born/Rex Features
The student appears kommen sie be sitting beside a monk in a holy place — but she’s weist home in grey Amsterdam. Picture: Zilla van ns Born/Rex Features

The 25-year-old faked the trip making use of Photoshop and props from herstellung house, to show how straightforward it ist to develop a filtered bild of our leben on society media.

Zilla’s parental dropped produziert at the airport ~ above 23 April, believing she was off to see Thailand, Cambodia and Laos end a month-long holiday.

Instead, she secretly went back to her flat, and lived undercover while posting fake images and status to update on Facebook.

“I go this to zeigen people that us filter und manipulate what we show on social media,” she said. “Thereby we create in online idealogen world i beg your pardon reality kann no longer meet. My goal was kommen sie prove exactly how oered.orgmon und easy it ist to distort reality.”

A level background enabled Zilla kommen sie add herself right into this photo von a temple. Picture: Zilla van den Born/Rex Features
She set nach oben a fake Thai hotel interior zum photos and Skype sessions. Picture: Zilla van ns Born/Rex Features/Austral

The graphic designer spent most of her time indoors zu avoid bumping into human being she knew, wearing sunglasses and a hat as a disguise wie man she walk out.

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Meanwhile, she turned produziert flat into an Asian paradise, setting nach oben a hotel shot utilizing draped fabrics and fairy lights.

She photoshopped it s her into bild of beautiful beaches, temples and tropical gardens.

She also sent a postcard home and photographed it s her snorkelling bei her regional swimming pool.

When the university project was oered.orgplete, she revealed die truth to her friends und family und filmed your shocked reactions.

It nur goes to zeigen — other people’s leben may notfall be as perfect together they it seems ~ on Facebook.

Her status updates to be geotagged with thailand as die location. Picture: Zilla van den Born/Rex Features
Every detail of produziert departure was faithfully recorded online. Picture: Zilla van den Born/Rex Features
A standard shot des tanned feet an front of the sea make friends envious. Picture: Zilla van das Born/Rex Features
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